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Clinic is remembered 15 years later

My wife had some false teeth made about 15 years ago at a clinic in the Carolinas. I can't recall the name of the lab and wonder if you have the address.

W. F.

Response: The Sexton Dental & Vision Clinic at 377 W Palmetto in Florence, S.C., is still in operation.

Prices have gone up a bit in the last 15 years, however. Extractions are now $10 each _ $25 for wisdom teeth. X-rays are $30. Full dentures cost between $100 and $400.

Patients check in by 6 a.m. and are out by 5 p.m.

Call (803) 622-2543 for information.

No refund given for caulking job

I hired George Wilkinson of Creative Tree & Landscaping to do some work for me in July. Although he is a landscaper, he noticed a few small openings on the side of my house and told me that to prevent wasps from building nests in there I should have them caulked. He offered to do it for $50, and I agreed.

When he finished trimming trees he said he was not feeling well but would be right back after he dropped off his helper. I said there was no hurry so he said he would do the caulking that weekend.

Several weeks later I called, and he said he'd been very busy but had not forgotten me. Another call a week after that, and he said he had been out of town but the caulking would get done that weekend.

At that point I told him not to bother. He kept insisting he would do it that weekend, and I have to admit I was so upset that I hung up on him. He never did come to do the caulking.

If there is some way you could help me get my $50 back, I'd be most grateful.

Kay Burke

Response: George Wilkinson says he was ready to do the job, but you told him not to come. There was no deadline, you said. Then you did the job yourself.

So, no refund. Sorry we couldn't help.


We have said that the subject of sales tax gets very complicated and it is, so much so that it tripped us up in our Oct. 1 reply to a question of whether sales tax could be charged on labor and materials in the replacement of a water heater.

We said it could, because, according to law, sales tax can be charged on the sale price of an item and "price" is defined as the cost of tangible personal property plus any shipping, installation or other service charge involved with the sale.

We went on to add that the rule does not cover real property (real estate) or pure service (consultant, accountant, etc.).

And we concluded that sales tax on a new hot-water heater and the labor for installation was legitimate.


According to Connie Maxwell at the Department of Revenue, real property consists not only of windows, paint and shingles, but of fixtures and appliances that are attached to real property and would leave a hole of some kind if removed. That would include a built-in stove, ceiling fans and light fixtures, drapery rods and blinds as well as hot-water heaters.

If a homeowner buys one of these items in a store and installs it himself, he pays sales tax on the merchandise, because it is tangible property until it becomes attached to the house. If he buys it and pays to have someone else install it, that person cannot charge sales tax on his labor because he is installing real property.

If a homeowner buys the fixture from a contractor who also installs it, that contractor cannot charge sales tax on his labor or on the merchandise but he can on the materials provided he itemizes the bill and specifies the nuts and bolts and whatever else he used to install the fixture.

Should a contractor remove a hot-water heater, stove or other attached fixture from the home, take it to his shop, fix it, bring it back and reinstall it, he could charge for labor and materials while it is being worked on in his shop, because when the fixture is out of the home, it becomes tangible property. He could not charge for the labor of hooking it back up again, because at that point it has once again become real property.

We think it's done with mirrors.

In any event, questions about sales tax applications should be taken to the Department of Revenue at (800) 352-3671.

At Action we can't even do card tricks.


We have received a check for $48 from our previous garbage collector and cannot thank you enough for the fast Action.

Frank Giella