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Council regular wants to join city panel

Joan Ogle, a retired telephone company supervisor, has announced her plans to run for a seat on the Crystal River City Council in the Dec. 8 election.

Ogle, who is 55, has served on the city's Redevelopment Agency since January and has been a permanent resident of the city for just over two years. Before that, she had been a visitor to the area since her teens and said she chose to run for the seat "to try to contribute" to the city.

"We've had a good City Council and we're going in the right direction, but we're losing two of them," Ogle said, referring to council members Frank Schiraldi and Sid Kennedy, who have resigned to run for County Commission.

A regular at council meetings, Ogle said she has watched with interest as the city worked to remove wastewater effluent from the Crystal River and on the expansion of the city's sewer treatment plant, which will be completed later this fall.

"We need to continue our efforts to remove other pollution, such as stormwater runoff and septic tank leachate, to improve water quality," Ogle said.

She also is in favor of careful city growth that follows the comprehensive plan.

"You want to keep that small townishness, but you also want to grow," Ogle said.

She points to her background in management, cost control and leadership and to her willingness to research issues completely and independently as reasons she would make a good member of the council.

"I listen, ask questions and read pertinent information, and this preparation allows me to make good sound decisions," she said.

The two council seats and the mayor's position are up for election this year and each of the jobs pays a salary of $400 a month.

One other candidate, computer repairman Phil Lodato, also has announced his intention to seek a seat, and Mayor Curtis Rich recently announced plans to run for re-election. Formal qualifying for the seats is the last week of October.