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Facts are confusing in fire independence issue

Editor: In a letter recently published by a local newspaper, the writer stated that distortions would be made regarding the proposed independence of the Spring Hill Fire and Rescue District. The purpose, he stated, was to confuse the voters of Spring Hill.

The writer also went on to state that the equipment and personnel from Spring Hill would be distributed throughout the county if independence were not granted.

Who is confusing whom? The Spring Hill Fire Department has been operating very successfully since 1974 under ordinance 73-12, written to create the Spring Hill Fire and Rescue District. This document, along with the interlocal agreement drafted in 1991, guarantees the autonomy of the district. This cannot and will not be changed by the county commissioners.

As to the firefighting equipment, firefighters, paramedics and EMTs being distributed throughout Hernando County to protect those people, it cannot be done. The aforementioned documents prevent this, and everyone within the Spring Hill Fire Department knows it. Do not believe anything to the contrary.

Independence also requires the need to spend $75,000 to $100,000 extra annually to support that independence. Added personnel, office equipment, higher insurance and workmen's compensation costs, and replacement of ancillary services now being provided by the county all add up to the additional cost. The county already has the personnel and computers in place to provide the services for a nominal cost to the fire department of $27,000 per year.

We, as taxpayers of Spring Hill, also need our local county government to keep a watchful eye on how our tax dollars are being spent.

Residents of Spring Hill: Read and listen to the facts, investigate them and vote "no" for independence Nov. 3.

Charles Watson

Spring Hill

Letter incites soccer board to action

Editor: Without causing a continuing "He-said, she-said," I would like to say that I was happy to see that the board of First Hernando Youth Soccer took the time to respond to my first letter. I would also like to say that possibly that letter and other incidents since then have had a great effect on the league.

The letter was meant to incite action. It was meant to open up the eyes of the people and let them get involved. I stated facts, none of which were disputed by the board's response. The main issue is that things are now moving in the direction they always should have. I wish our new commissioner much luck. I have great confidence that things will start to come together now.

Donna E. Cusker

Spring Hill

Reader objects to abbreviation

Editor: I mildly object to the use of a World War II abbreviation, which is vulgar and obscene, in the Oct. 3 headline of a story concerning the computer problems in the supervisor of elections office.

Because readers cannot find this abbreviation in Webster's, perhaps the newspaper would care to explain what it means. Of course, that would risk an "R" rating from many readers of the Hernando Times, and the paper would no longer be available to anyone but adults.

Carl Froendt

Spring Hill

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