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Firefighters send suspect up tree

It wasn't a kitten up a tree these firefighters were concerned with. It was a burglary suspect. Firefighters Rick Staten and Gary Miller were returning from a false alarm Saturday when they learned by radio that two burglars were seen leaving the station carrying a chainsaw and vacuum cleaner. Then they saw the suspects and gave chase in the pumper truck. "They decide to blast him with the air horn to cause him some distress and make him more nervous," said Battalion Chief Stephen McInerny. One man dropped the vacuum cleaner and ran into a vacant lot where he climbed a large ficus tree to hide. Police arrived and persuaded the man to come down. He was charged with burglary. The other suspect is being sought.

"Most wanted'

suspect caught

FORT LAUDERDALE _ A man on Florida's Eight Most Wanted list who is accused in the rape and robbery of an elderly, blind deaf-mute was arrested in New York City, Florida authorities announced Monday. Sam Anthony Langone, 36, had fled the state after the Broward Sheriff's Office identified him as the suspect in the March 1990 attack, said George Amandola of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Acting on information from Florida, New York police recognized and arrested Langone, who is waiving extradition, Amandola said.

Incident could be

sniper, police say

JACKSONVILLE _ A damaged windshield may be another sniper incident along Interstate 295, police say. Pamela Lloyd, 21, heard a loud noise as she approached an overpass Friday and ducked. Afterward, she noticed a gash in the windshield. Police weren't sure whether the damage was caused by a bullet, rock or other object. Some 17 cars have been damaged along I-295 since late July, when a woman was shot in the jaw.