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Lindros returns to Quebec City

Eric Lindros won't be surprised if his first visit to Le Colisee earns him a shower of debris from the fans he wouldn't play for.

"I don't expect roses, I don't expect any gifts," Lindros said Monday. "Just the regular boos, I think. It's just a hockey game."

Lindros makes his first NHL appearance in Quebec tonight as the Philadelphia Flyers play the Nordiques. It's a night sure to engender some hard feelings among local fans because Lindros refused to play for Quebec and ultimately forced a trade.

CHIK-FM, which broadcasts the Nordiques' games, plans to hand out 3,000 pacifiers at the door. The consensus in the provincial capital is that Lindros is a spoiled brat who must have his own way _ hence, the pacifiers.

Quebec fans believe that is why he refused to sign with the club last season when the Nordiques took him first overall in 1991.

But Quebec defenseman Tony Twist has a different idea.

"I hope the fans give Lindros a standing ovation because look at the players they gave us for him," Twist said.

The Lindros deal brought veteran goaltender Ron Hextall, defensemen Kerry Huffman and Steve Duchesne, and center Mike Ricci, plus two prospects, Chris Simon and Peter Forsberg.

Extra security will be on hand for tonight's game.

"There's not going to be a stick fight or anything like that, but with him coming in and everything building up, something's going to happen," Quebec forward Mike Hough said. "As long as there's no violence, that's fine."