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Q What happened Monday?

A A group of 12 San Francisco investors presented a $95-million offer to buy the Giants and keep the team there. The offer, made to National League president Bill White, will be forwarded to baseball's ownership committee for review.

Q Will that offer be considered competitive with Tampa Bay's deal?

A Tampa Bay's offer is $115-million, San Francisco's $95-million. But the San Francisco group claims the Giants are worth less on the West Coast because of losses the team is projected to suffer in the immediate future. San Francisco officials are also hoping to appeal to baseball's past reluctance to move franchises.

Q Can baseball force current Giants owner Bob Lurie to accept an offer for less money?

A Technically, it could reject the Tampa Bay offer, forcing Lurie to deal only with San Francisco. But there is no precedent in baseball for such a move.

Q Does the San Francisco group have a plan to replace Candlestick?

A Nothing concrete. The group says it would like to build a new stadium by the 1997 season, paid for by a joint public/private fund. Bob Lurie decided to sell the team after four public referendums to replace Candlestick failed.

Q Where does that leave Tampa Bay?

A In a familiar holding pattern. Short of continuing threats of legal action, there's little, or nothing, the Tampa Bay group can do now but wait.

Q How quickly will

we know something?

A Peter Magowan, managing partner of the San Francisco group, said he's been assured by baseball the issue will be resolved by the end of October.