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Brignola to join greats in hall

Published Oct. 12, 2005

Nick Brignola, a perennial performer and promoter of the Clearwater Jazz Holiday, will bring his latest passion _ the clarinet _ to his be-bop stylings Saturday at the festival.

Brignola says his interest in clarinet came from dedicated listening to Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman and some classical clarinet players.

"The clarinet has really come back and I hope to be a part of that movement," Brignola said.

Brignola's latest album is titled It's Time. He says he played 13 horn parts for the album, which were overdubbed in the studio.

It's Time, on Reservoir, features a cover of Thelonious Monk's Round Midnight, minus Monk's famous piano compositions. For that, Brignola says he played six horn parts.

Despite his current fascination, Brignola is best known in jazz circles for his skills on the baritone saxophone. He once was recognized by Down Beat magazine as the best baritone sax player in the magazine's International Critics Poll.

In 1981, Brignola was nominated for a Grammy Award in the best instrumental jazz category for his work with the group L.A. Bound.

Brignola said he listens to new music or rediscovers old classics to find some new creative niche.

"I feel the need every couple weeks to try something else," he said.

The musician is scheduled to be inducted into the festival's hall of fame, something that was supposed to occur last year but was sidetracked.

"It was kind of a disappointment," Brignola said. "But the festival really went out of its way to make things connect."


Nick Brignola

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