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Dead dad dumped on doorstep

The nude body of a man who died of cancer was dumped on his son's doorstep after the son was unable to pay the full price of cremation, officials said.

The body of George Bojarski, covered only with a sheet, was found Monday evening at the door of his son's apartment, said Fort Bend County Justice of the Peace Gary Geick.

"I saw his head come out of the sheet," said the son, Larry Bojarski. "I called the police and they said, "How do you know it's your father?' And I told them, "I see his face. I know what he looks like!' What am I supposed to do with the body? He's my father."

Bojarski, 66, died Friday of cancer of the esophagus. His body was picked up Saturday morning by Evans Mortuary.

Larry Bojarski said he paid $299 of the $683 he was charged to have his father cremated. He said that when he went to the funeral home to settle the bill, he was told it would cost $2,000 and that if he didn't pay, his father's body would be returned to him.

"It's hell to be poor," Geick said. "I was appalled. I thought they were joking me when they first told me about it."

Newell Evans, owner of Evans Mortuary, told KRIV television of Houston he did return the body but that it wasn't done to be malicious.

"Who says I dumped him there? I left him there," Evans said, at a lounge he owns.

Asked if he thought the practice was unethical, Evans replied: "Who defines ethics?" When told other funeral homes considered it unethical, Evans responded: "They can run their establishments as they see fit and I will run mine my way."

Hernandez Funeral Home in Rosenberg agreed to provide the arrangements free of charge.

"My father's been in the business for 50 years and he's never heard of a case like this," Joe Hernandez said.

Richmond police Chief Butch Gore said no decision had been made about criminal charges.