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It's a creepy job, but somebody's gotta do it

The help-wanted ad running in major Florida newspapers announced a part-time job for someone "to share small dark coffin with 100 live rats."

"No experience necessary," said the ad. But the applicant "must not have irrational fears of being buried alive." A high-pitched scream "is desirable."

Universal Studios Florida is receiving scores of applications for the Rat Lady character in its Dungeon of Terror exhibit during Halloween Horror Nights.

Visitors encounter the Rat Lady as they travel a narrow hallway into a small, dark room. Suddenly, they realize they are standing on a glass floor, on top of a lighted coffin, with the screaming Rat Lady's face under their feet and the rats skittering about the open coffin, gnawing at her face.

"We're being inundated with applications," said Joe Curley, a Universal spokesman. "All kinds of crazy people want the job." A plumber who applied said he was used to crawling in small, dark places. A woman said she had friends who were rats or vermin.

The park has two Rat Ladies and wants to hire two or three more, Curley said. They are in the coffin only half an hour at a time. The pay? "Well above the minimum wage," he said, adding that regulations prohibited disclosure.