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KGB: Clinton who?

The KGB, Russia's secret police and espionage agency, knows of no contacts between its former Soviet agents and Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton when he visited here as a student 23 years ago. The KGB's response by Vladimir Karpov, who works in the press bureau of the KGB's External Affairs Service, came Tuesday after an inquiry from the Baltimore Sun. The implication that there was something subversive about Clinton's visit here at the height of the Vietnam War was raised last week by Republican congressmen, led by Rep. Robert Dornan of California. Dornan offered no evidence. Bush raised the issue on Larry King Live. Clinton, in turn, accused the president of questioning his patriotism.

Perot set to run economy ad

DALLAS _ Independent presidential candidate Ross Perot, whose campaign has stressed U.S. economic problems, will feature his first in-depth discussion of his proposed solutions in a half-hour of television time he has bought at 10:30 p.m. EDT Friday on NBC, a campaign statement said. Perot has also purchased one hour of air time at 8 p.m. EDT Saturday on ABC, the statement said. Perot aides would not discuss what the Texas billionaire plans to do in the 60-minute slot. But campaign sources told Reuters he was considering an "electronic town meeting" in which a panel of economists and Perot would answer questions from people who call a toll-free number.

Kuwait pushed to buy American

WASHINGTON _ The Kuwaiti government chose a U.S.-made tank over a British competitor after a blizzard of letters from President Bush and top administration officials to the ruling family urging them to buy American, U.S. officials said Tuesday. The sales pitch was described as "routine" and as part of an administration effort to promote American weapons when their purchase by foreign governments is deemed in the U.S. national interest. Bush wrote the Kuwaiti emir, Jaber Sabah, while Vice President Dan Quayle wrote in support of the M1-A2 Abrams to the crown prince, Saad al-Sabah, an official said. In Detroit, a spokesman for General Dynamics Corp. said Kuwait's decision to purchase the M1-A2 Abrams tank means economic security for the munitions maker's tank-building division through the end of the century. But the spokesman said the deal would not produce more jobs. General Dynamics makes Abrams tanks at plants in Warren, Mich., and Lima, Ohio, two key states in the presidential battle.

Campaign trail

Here's where the candidates are scheduled to be today:

Bush: Washington, D.C.

Clinton: Williamsburg, Va.

Perot: Dallas.