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Navy announces anti-bias steps

The Navy on Tuesday announced a number of steps aimed at improving the outlook for women in the service a year after Navy pilots were accused of sexually harassing women at the Tailhook convention in Las Vegas. The Navy will set up a toll-free sexual harassment telephone counseling line, and so-called "Tiger Teams" have been formed to track complaints of harassment, assault and rape. Acting Navy Secretary Sean O'Keefe announced he also had ordered an examination of career options for Navy women.

Separate INSLAW probe rejected

WASHINGTON _ Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday refused to authorize a special independent prosecutor to investigate charges that high-level Justice Department officials stole software from a INSLAW computer company and conspired to drive it into bankruptcy. House Democrats had called for the independent counsel, but Barr said there was not enough specific information to warrant an independent investigation. The Justice Department revoked a $10-million contract with INSLAW, which was to have developed software for a nationwide computer system in the 1980s. INSLAW filed suit, accusing top department officials _ including former Attorney General Ed Meese _ of stealing the software.

2 charges against George dropped

WASHINGTON _ A federal judge Tuesday dropped two of the nine criminal counts against Clair George, the former chief of CIA covert operations who faces a retrial Monday in an Iran-Contra case. George's first trial ended in a mistrial in August. He originally was charged with covering up White House aide Oliver North's secret Contra resupply network and concealing his knowledge of the Reagan White House's arms sales to Iran. George, who has pleaded innocent, remains charged with four counts of false statements, two perjury counts and one count of obstructing the grand jury.

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Condom rape accusation to be reheard: A Travis County, Texas, district attorney plans submit the case of a man accused of raping a woman who asked him to wear a condom to another grand jury when it convenes in two weeks. A grand jury last week did not indict the man who broke into the apartment of a woman he did not know.

Bush signs bill to aid Chinese students: President Bush has signed into law a bill that will let 70,000 pro-democracy Chinese students stay in the United States if conditions in China don't allow their safe return by mid-1993.