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Principal quits over queen scandal

School Principal Charles Zielin has resigned amid charges he tampered with a homecoming queen election.

April Schuldt, 17, who is five months' pregnant, received more than 100 votes in the Eau Claire Memorial High School homecoming election. The runner-up, Elizabeth Weld, received fewer than 70 votes but reigned at the Oct. 3-4 celebration.

The principal resigned and three assistant principals and a teacher were disciplined by the school board Monday night after an investigation found the ballots had been burned in a coverup, Superintendent Lee Hansen said.

"What they did to me was discriminatory and wrong," Schuldt said. "If people in authority can do this over something as trivial as the homecoming queen title, what will they not do?"

The girl's father said eight or nine national television programs have invited his daughter to appear.

Schuldt has dyed deep-red hair and wears mismatched clothing and black eye shadow. She said she wanted to "show that someone different could be homecoming queen."

The coverup came to light when a student organizer of the homecoming confided to Schuldt after the ceremony that she had been the real winner. Schuldt challenged the election.