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Sen. Bob Graham to visit Citrus High

U.S. Sen. Bob Graham will be in Inverness on Thursday visiting Citrus High School and talking to educators about several new student programs. Graham, who is scheduled to spend about two hours at the school beginning about 2 p.m., will talk to teachers and administrators about the new Tech-Prep partnership between the community college and area high schools and visit the school's aquaculture laboratory. Graham will also visit with the school's student council and journalism class.

Teacher contract will go before special master

Despite pleas from the Citrus teachers' union, school administrators have decided that the settlement of this year's teacher contract will go to a hearing before a special master before landing in the hands of the School Board. The Citrus County Education Association pushed to have the issue go directly to the School Board and bypass the costly and time-consuming hearing. But chief administrative spokesman Ed Murphy said Tuesday that the administration wanted the fact-finding hearing. Both sides would have had to agree to bypass that hearing in order to take the contract directly to the board. Now both sides will review lists of special masters and choose a mutually agreeable one. After the hearing, the School Board can choose to either accept the special master's recommendation or approve a different contract. Mediation last week failed to resolve the salary and other contract issues, which have prevented settlement of this year's contract.


The Humane Society of Citrus County will meet at 11 a.m. Thursday at the Mid-State Federal Saving bank in Beverly Hills. An incorrect time was listed in Tuesday's Clubs column.