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(Filings for 9/14-18)

H. Russell and B. Jill Wiens vs. Vincent Jr. and Terri Panariello and Seminole Finance Corp. (foreclosure).

Independence One Mortgage Co. vs. Patrick and Mygan Ashton Webster, David C. and Patricia L. Simon, Sears Roebuck and Co. and Unknown Tenants (foreclosure).

Americas Mortgage Co. vs. Marie B. Wise, Joe Roe, Beatrice K. Mutch, John Roe, Fleet Finance Inc., John Doe and Jane Doe (foreclosure).

Virginia Beach Federal vs. Esther C. Gardner, Federal Trust Bank FSB, Florida Department of Revenue, United States of America, Unknown Tenants and Gwendolyn Smith (foreclosure).

First Florida Bank NA vs. Ellen M. Leiseca, Barbara J. Buchtan, William Schoenbeck and Consolidated Bank NA (foreclosure).

First Florida Bank NA vs. David L. and Tana Ulmschneider (foreclosure).

Susan Shearer vs. David Ahonen (support).

Benita A. Astran vs. Robert A. Astran (support).

Ruth A. Nipper vs. Jean B. Vasquez (paternity).

Lorraine A. Smith vs. Philip E. Smith (child support).

Julia M. Perry vs. Frank Williams (paternity).

Glen D. Chaisson vs. Valerie Lucarelli (child support).

Gloria L. Gilyard vs. Willie J. Gilyard (child support).

Charlene E. Elliott vs. Jero D. Green (paternity).

Margaret M. Bullion vs. Jeanine M. Sessions (child support).

Sun Bank and Trust Co. vs. Clarke Daphne (foreclosure).

Winsome Lalande vs. Reginald F. Lalande (child support).

Frances A. Jernigan vs. John Max Jernigan Jr. (child support).

Laverna B. Pearson vs. Donald H. Pearson (child support).

Sharon L. Norris vs. Victor Sechser (paternity).

Schrell C. Byrd vs. Reginal P. White (paternity).

Mary E. Van Marter vs. Alberto Giarrantana (paternity).

Clara Brown vs. Melilsia A. Fields (child support).

Christine E. Webb vs. Edward M. Webb (child support).

Kislak National Bank vs. Walter F. and Linda D. Trenchard, Independent Savings Plan, John Doe and Mary Doe (foreclosure).

Florida Department of Transportation vs. Myra Nell Register (eminent domain).

Florida Department of Transportation vs. Robert E. Burbank.

First Florida Bank NA vs. Henry F. Griffin, Patricia J. Crawford, Patricia J. Griffin, Maria S. Brown, Janet V. Tarnowski, Sharon L. Stuck, Kathleen M. Connell, Kenneth E. Wojtkowiak, Del L. Stuck and Cecelia J. Stuck (foreclosure).

(Filings for 9/21-25)

Estate of Dorothy Yontz vs. Allen L. Fulmer and Cassandra P. Featherston (foreclosure).

Hernando Beach Inc. vs. Converse Inc., Vincent T. Belltran and John Stella (foreclosure).

Melissa D. Wisner vs. Kenneth J. Mullins (support).

Anne Schaefer vs. William Johnson (support).

Dale A. Camacho vs. Robert Camacho (support).

Russell and Cindy Powers vs John Terry Sandlin (auto negligence).

Home Savings of America vs. Ralph A. Maynard, et ux, Jane Doe and Joe Doe (foreclosure).

Howard J. Brown III vs. Michael J. Yacques and Superior Insurance Co. (auto negligence).

State of Florida vs. Gerald Bowen (forfeiture of bond).

State of Florida vs. Gerald D. Bowen (forfeiture of bond).

Rosalie Joy Gross vs. Rosalie Joy Nordstrom (name change).

First Florida Bank NA vs. Jon R. and Ussan L. Crawford and Susan L. Bender (foreclosure).

Philip T. Tripolino vs. Wilbert J. and Betty M. Tournoux (auto negligence).

Ford Consumer Finance Co. vs. Norton D. and Rosella L. Williams, John Doe and Jane Doe (foreclosure).

Michael J. Sorgaard vs. Heather Giovannetti.

State Street Bank and Trust Co. as trustee vs. Robert E. Andrews, Ruthann Andrews, et ux and Unknown Tenants (foreclosure).


(Filings for 9/14-18)

Gude Bros. Construction Co. vs. Jack D. and Patricia Hoogewind (contract and indebtedness).

Mel Abele vs. Jane Phifer and Frank J. Bernardini.

Calvin and Eleanor T. Cabot vs. Paul L. Edwards (auto negligence).

Empbanque Capital Corp. vs. Keith D. and Melissa J. Hill, Lykes Memorial Hospital and Unknown Tenants (foreclosure).

Robert H. Neihaus vs. Joseph G. and Margaret Pupinsky.

Spiwachee Inc. vs. American Athletics Inc. and Vincent M. Beltran (contract and indebtedness).

First Florida Bank NA vs. Tina Marie Pacini, Tina M. and Robert K. Kane and the United States of America (foreclosure).

William John and Janice Katherine Brown vs. John R. and Beverly J. Cooper (contract and indebtedness).

Edward J. and Marie Antonietti vs. Maurice and Eileen M. Houghton and Walter Robert Stone.

Novelty Mirror Designs vs. Paul Fuller (contract and indebtedness).

Christopher John and Mylene Chester vs. John M. Bryan, Nancy Bryan and John M. Bryan II (auto negligence).

Lomas Mortgage USA Inc. vs. Billy Ray and Tawndra J. Evens, Jane Doe and John Doe (foreclosure).

Mid-State Federal Savings vs. Quality Construction (foreclosure).

Huntington National Bank vs. Harry C. Green (foreclosure).

Julie A. Gross vs. David M. Tjarks (support).

Frank Laumer and Christopher Laumer vs. Johnny M. and Mary Ann Brown (foreclosure).

Barnett Recovery Corp. vs. William D. Williams and Dean Williams (contract and indebtedness).

Donald J. and Phillis Oslance vs. Alfred E. Darienzo and Leonard Peter Batz (auto negligence).

Roger A. Rashid a/k/a Roger Rashid and Carol A. Rashid vs. Joann Seifer, et ux and Unknown Tenants (foreclosure).

First Florida Bank NA vs. Richard P. Glinski, Patricia Lynn Glinski a/k/a Patricia L. Glinski, Daniel J. and Pamela A. Harper, United States of America and Hernando County (foreclosure).

First Federal Savings Bank of Perry vs. Harry and Donna Fiore DeLuca (foreclosure).

Fortune Bank vs. Joseph and Barbara Forte, John Doe, Jane Doe and Unknown Tenants (foreclosure).

Lake in the Woods Owners vs. Frances Gauthier (foreclosure).

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. vs. Santo J. Mangano, Joan M. Mangano and Unknown Tenants (foreclosure).

Carole J. and W. Jeffrey Leoffelholz vs. Christopher Scott Co. Inc., David R. Loeffelholz, Joy A. Jester and Herring Financial Services Inc. (foreclosure).

Leon M. and Beverley A. Williams vs. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. (auto negligence).

Charles A. and Ellen Brayton vs. Linda Harris (foreclosure).

Fleet Finance and Mortgage Inc. vs. Mary Lee Langley and Cinemasters (foreclosure).

Whispering Oaks Estates Home Owners Association Inc. vs. Dorothy B. and Robert Walther.

Sun Bank and Trust Co. vs. Marianne Sigismondi (foreclosure).

Julia A. and Michael S. Furdak vs. Genevieve C. McDonald (auto negligence).

Susan Shearer vs. David Ahonen (support).

(Filings for 9/21-25)

Dorothy Beethham Eibling vs. Hernando Realty Corp (negligence).

Robert Wade Taylor, Beau Jenson Taylor, Tracy Ann Taylor and Anna M. Parker vs. GFR Rental Inc., General Rent A Car Inc., CGRE Inc., BGIN Inc., AGSY Inc., General Rent A Car International Corp. f/k/a General Rent A Car Systems Inc., Curry Motors Inc., Mohansic Corp., Calco of NY Inc., Curry Enterprises Inc., Kathryn C. Yelovich and Jill M. Morrison (auto negligence).

Brenda Kilts and Donald Eisenhart vs. Loren Henry Jr. (auto negligence).

Carrie Duckett vs. David Dayton, Southeastern Physician Recruitment Inc. and Benjamin Nutt M.D. (malpractice).

Randy W. and Teresa Cseh vs. Marian Argenta and Gasper J. Magaddino (auto negligence).

Elizabeth Fielding vs. Marty Patrick (paternity).

Helen J. Weber vs. Elizabeth R. Weber (child support).

Willie V. Norton vs. Johnny L. Williams (child support).

Caprice Rich vs. Monore F. Union (child support).