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U.N. mission to monitor Mozambique peace accord

The Security Council on Tuesday authorized the dispatch of a U.N. team to Mozambique to begin monitoring a cease-fire in the war-ravaged African nation and lay the groundwork for a major U.N. peacekeeping operation. The United Nations is to monitor an accord signed in Rome Oct. 4 ending a 16-year civil war and to oversee elections in a year's time. The United Nations has already launched major peacekeeping operations this year in Yugoslavia, Cambodia and Somalia.

De Klerk to ANC: reform

CAPE TOWN, South Africa _ President Frederik de Klerk said Tuesday he would not share power with the African National Congress until it ousted radicals and got rid of its armed wing. De Klerk told South Africa's white-dominated Parliament the ANC would have to become a registered political party before he would consider sharing power in an interim government. He also said he did not expect the South African Communist Party, a close ally of the ANC, to be a part of the first non-racial government "because they do not have the support of the people."

Cartel member surrenders

BOGOTA, Colombia _ Another member of the Medellin cocaine cartel surrendered to Colombian authorities Tuesday, increasing hopes that cartel leader Pablo Escobar will turn himself in, officials said. A spokeswoman at the prosecutor-general's office said Gustavo Gonzalez Florez, who escaped with Escobar and eight other cartel members from jail in July, surrendered in Medellin to take advantage of a government leniency offer. The surrender came five days after three of Escobar's closest aides _ including his brother Roberto _ turned themselves in.

Plan curbs immigrants

BONN _ In a move to stem violence and the outcry over a heavy influx of immigrants, leaders of Chancellor Helmut Kohl's three-party coalition government agreed Tuesday to change the constitution to limit the number of refugees. A proposal to be introduced in Parliament on Thursday would establish regulations naming countries where political persecution would no longer be considered a threat, such as Poland and Romania. The plan also effectively would require refugees who come to Germany via a "safe third country" to return to that country.

Elsewhere . . .

TOKYO _ Japanese political power broker Shin Kanemaru will resign his parliamentary seat to quell public outrage over his role in a money scandal, an aide said Tuesday.

BUCHAREST, Romania _ Romanian President Ion Iliescu, in his first policy statement since being re-elected, called Tuesday for tough measures to deal with corruption, violence and crime. He also began negotiations with political parties in a search for a prime minister and a formula for a coalition government.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands _ Unidentified human remains from the Amsterdam air disaster will be buried in a mass grave, city officials said Tuesday. Authorities also lowered the death toll in the crash to 64.

LONDON _ Confronted with huge stockpiles and dwindling demand, the once-mighty British coal industry announced Tuesday that it will close 31 pits and eliminate a staggering 30,000 jobs _ 75 percent of the nation's miners.