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Baker domestic speech delayed

White House chief of staff James Baker will delay until next week a speech detailing the domestic agenda President Bush has in mind if he wins a second term, press secretary Marlin Fitzwater said Wednesday. After Sunday's presidential debate, in which Bush said he would assign Baker to carry out economic policy, Baker said he would make a speech on the subject "sometime this week." Administration officials said the speech probably would be on Wednesday, then said it would be Friday. Fitzwater said Wednesday that the date had never been firm, adding: "He may not even give the speech." But a few hours later, Fitzwater said the speech will be next week but he did not know what day.

Perot pays smaller share of taxes

WASHINGTON _ Texas billionaire Ross Perot, whose economic plan calls on the nation to participate in a "fair-share sacrifice," pays a smaller share of his income in taxes than most Americans and stands to pay even less under his proposal, according to a study of his holdings and to sources familiar with his finances. Perot has listed his approximate net worth at $3.3-billion with the Federal Election Commission. Upwards of two-thirds of his income is from municipal bonds, sheltered from federal taxes. Perot currently pays about 6.8 percent of his earnings in taxes, according to an estimate by the Citizens for Tax Justice, a non-partisan group. Under his plan, Perot could end up doing slightly better than he does now _ paying about 6.7 percent, for a savings of about $200,000. The estimated portion of his income paid in taxes is only slightly higher than the 6.2 percent paid by the average taxpayer, earning $30,000 a year, and it is far below the 11 percent average share of gross income paid by all taxpayers.

First lady goes "Home'

First lady Barbara Bush talks with hosts Gary Collins and Sarah Purcell on ABC's Home broadcast live Wednesday morning from the White House while first dog Millie naps. Mrs. Bush praised Dan Quayle's efforts in Tuesday night's debate.