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burning to LEARN

Danny Jones operates a nozzle from the top of his firetruck. About 25 firefighters from Clearwater and Palm Harbor were sent recently to a fire set purposely at an abandoned house at 323 Madison Ave. in Clearwater.

Clearwater firefighters Cherie LePrevost, from left, Bob Quinn, Lt. Randy Bacher and Jay Schmitt take a break from training.

Phil Ryan and Jim Roberts of Palm Harbor aim water toward the rear while others enter the front.

Firefighter Terry Costello learns how to operate a fire engine pump system.

Lt. Thomas Fritz, Howard Levinson and other firefighters, above, have learned it's important to stay close to the floor in a smoke-filled room. After leading the crew through the smoke, Fritz peers through the doorway.

After helping to bring the flames under control, Schmitt checks his tank to make sure everything is in order.