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Is it really over?: The romance between Donald Trump and Marla Maples is apparently off again.

Trump told Maples earlier this week that he has no plans to marry her and that she should get on with her life, according to unidentified friends of the couple quoted in Wednesday's Daily News, New York Post and New York Newsday.

Trump, 46, and Maples, 28, have broken up and patched things up several times before, but, according to the reports, this time it's for good.

Trump's friends said the breaking point was by a fight last month at a restaurant when Maples saw Trump flirting with some models and screamed at him.

"I've had about enough of this," Trump was to have said.

Trump would not comment. Maples wouldn't comment either.

"Boss" crosses picket line: Bruce Springsteen, who champions blue-collar themes in his music, went ahead with a concert despite a picket line set up by striking city workers.

"I know a lot of you folks came a long way so tonight I'm committed to be up on this stage and rock this place," Springsteen told his audience Tuesday night.

Springsteen was ushered into the Tacoma, Wash., Dome via a back entrance, avoiding contact with 200 pickets, some carrying signs reading, "Springsteen's "Scabs Across America Tour.' "

More than a third of Tacoma's 2,800 workers are striking to support 211 clerical workers who want higher pay.

Union members said they were disappointed in Springsteen.

"I figure he's just a businessman," said Marty Miller, a city lineman. "The blue-collar thing is just his schtick."

Callouses plague Schwarzkopf: Retired Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf wore tape on his fingers to cover the callouses after more than three hours autographing copies of his best-selling autobiography.

Schwarzkopf said he was overwhelmed by the crowd of about 1,000 who met him Monday at Books-A-Million in Hoover, a Birmingham, Ala., suburb.

Schwarzkopf was to sign copies of his book, It Doesn't Take a Hero, for two hours but stayed for three and a half. The store sold more than 1,500 copies at $25 each.

Wallace improving: Former Alabama Gov. George Wallace has spent three days off a respirator and is regaining strength after battling a blood infection, a hospital said Wednesday.

Wallace, 73, who was paralyzed by a bullet as he campaigned for the presidency 20 years ago, was hospitalized Sept. 25 with septicemia. He was given only a slim chance of surviving.