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Fred Thomas' stand on bayfront clarified

Editor: Thank you for that nice Editor's Note column in Monday's paper. To be mentioned alongside Ross Perot does me high honor and high praise. I thank you for that.

You had a misstatement in your column which I would like you to clarify to the public. You said, "Thomas is said to favor commercial development on the top of the bluff, fronting Osceola Avenue all the way from Cleveland to Drew streets."

I never said such a thing. I have been publicly on record as wanting the bluff to be a park for all the residents of Clearwater in perpetuity. I personally have never changed my position on that issue.

However, I am taking no public stand on what to do with the bayfront. I am asking the citizens to choose what they want. I have believed from day one that it is the citizens' property, and it is the citizens' right to choose what goes on that property.

That is why the Save the Bayfront movement has a long questionnaire asking the citizens' input _ something that the Clearwater City Commission failed to do.

I am on record as stating that I do not want a referendum; I wanted a straw vote so that the citizens could have a choice before there was a referendum issue.

That is why Save the Bayfront is making an aggressive move to let the citizens choose what they do with the bayfront.

Would you please print a retraction of that one paragraph that states that I want commercial development on the bluff? I have never said that.

Fred A. Thomas,