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(Filings for 9/14-18)

Gale Insulation of Hernando County Inc. vs. Robert A. and Angela Jaques (foreclosure).

Barnett Recovery Corp. vs. John K. and Ruth H. Evensen (contract and indebtedness).

(Filings for 9/21-25)

Thomas E. and Faye M. Reeds vs. Nickie S. and Patricia W. Eady (foreclosure).

First Florida Bank NA vs. George Warner and George Warner Excavating (foreclosure).



(Filings for 9/14-18)

Luann Alva Lamb Buckley vs. Richard Stanley Buckley.

Katherine Smith vs. David Lee Smith.

Betty S. Elliott vs. Roy D Elliott.

Terry Bianconi vs. Michael A. Bianconi.

Elbert H. Wiley vs. Mary Wiley.

Sharon Noojin vs. Robert L. Noojin Jr.

Ignacio Figueroa vs. Carmen Castro Figueroa.

Priscilla Jeanne Johnson vs. Clyde Earle Johnson.

Meyssa P. Egan vs. Raymond J. Egan.

Peggy Marie Chambers vs. Alan Arthur Chambers.

Stuart O. Spivey vs. Karen C. Spivey.

Sheila Canaday vs. Dale Canaday.

(Filings for 9/21/-25)

Joseph C. Kratschman vs. Diane L. Kratschman.

Gail F. Fischer vs. Thomas H Fischer.

Laurie K. Chastain vs. John W. Chastain III.

Jerald Michael Friedman vs. Suzanne Helen Friedman.

Lawrence M. Hill vs. Emma Robinson Hill.

Kenneth Roy Carner vs. Sandra Kay Carner.

Donald A. Dempsey vs. Carolyn S. Dempsey.

Michelle D. Mihan vs. Michael E. Mihan.


(Filings for 9/14-18)

Ronald R. Miller vs. Sheila K. Miller.

John F. Cortalano vs. Wendy S. Cortalano.

Maria Hamilton vs. Bert Ivan Hamilton.

Alan Dale Pratt vs. Laurie Ann Pratt.

Kenneth Roy Carner vs. Sandra Kay Carner.

Elbert H. Wiley vs. Mary Wiley.

(Filings for 9/21-25)

Genetta F. Evans vs. John P. Evans Jr.

Connie E. Raulerson vs. Sherman D. Raulerson.



(Filings for 9/14-18)

David Harvey Ayers III and Jennifer Ruth Phifer, both of Brooksville.

Val Warren Rickert and Donna Jean Hall, both of Spring Hill.

Scott Alan Lavancher and Ann Marie Debene, both of Spring Hill.

Caleb Rodriguez of Tampa and Kerrie Lynn Kaylor of Spring Hill.

Reed Alan Rundell and Cindy Marie Serwatke, both of Spring Hill.

Roy Dean Lallement of Brooksville and Kathleen Strally of Spring Hill.

Gerald Lee Wilks Jr. and Robin Renee Fox, both of Brooksville.

Mack Lee Tuttle and Helena Ruth Ingrim, both of Brooksville.

Walter John Hendrix and Lillian Ethel Iversen, both of Spring Hill.

Keith Alan Peck and Melissa Dawn Siden, both of Orfordville, Wis.

Daniel Paul LeBlanc and Dolly Marian Smith, both of Brooksville.

(Filings for 9/21-25)

Brian James Butler and Sandra Trustrum Butler, both of Spring Hill.

Richard Quince Sellers of Brooksville and Michelle Rose McCarron of Tampa.

Michael Thomas Rittenhouse and Melissa Leann Blackburn, both of Brooksville.

Kevin John Elpers and Deborah Lynne Dowdy, both of Masaryktown.

Richey Dale Griffey and Loretta Tolliver, both of Brooksville.

Marion Edward Kitchens and Trina Marie Grimes, both of Bartow.

Theodore Edward Harrison and Beverly Ann Wood, both of Spring Hill.

Eric Robert Wieszchowski and Joan Ellen Sharpe, both of Spring Hill.

Joseph Lee Ramby and Marie Josephine Seidler, both of Spring Hill.

Malcolm Gabriel Hudson and Georgia Ree Strother, both of Spring Hill.

Roy Mitchell Haley of Spring Hill and Georgia Grace Childers of New Port Richey.

Alexander Vernon Simpson Lomio of Virginia Beach, Va., and Lisa Marie Wallace of Spring Hill.