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Who has last word on impeachments?

The Supreme Court searched the Constitution Wednesday to determine who has the final word on impeachments _ the Senate or federal judges. The justices' decision, which will have far-ranging implications, hinges on their interpretation of the constitutional commandment that "the Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments." The case argued before the Supreme Court on Wednesday concerned the 1989 impeachment of Walter Nixon, a former federal judge from Mississippi. The outcome would also apply to Alcee Hastings, a former federal judge from Florida who was subsequently removed from office through the same Senate trial procedure. A ruling is expected early next year.

Police admit error

in Dahmer case

MILWAUKEE _ Two police officers fired last summer for handing over a dazed, naked Laotian boy to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer have admitted they acted improperly. Joseph Gabrish, 29, and John Balcerzak, 35, told a hearing of the five-member Fire and Police Commission that they were guilty of failing to investigate properly. The board adjourned until Oct. 27, at which time it will decide if firing the two men was justified. Dahmer is serving 15 consecutive life terms in a Wisconsin prison after admitting to a decadelong orgy of murder, necrophilia and cannibalism.

Co-pilot sues airline

for sex harassment

LOS ANGELES _ A female co-pilot has sued United Airlines, charging she was sexually harassed by pilots and other airline employees for more than three years, the woman's attorney said. The lawsuit charges that a pilot pulled his pants down in front of plaintiff Kathy Gillies in a hotel room and tackled her onto a bed. It also charges that Gillies was asked by a flight instructor if she wanted to have sex and was shown pornographic pictures in an airplane cockpit.

Briefly . . .

5,000 Barbies stolen: Thieves in San Diego took 5,000 Barbie dolls worth more than $1- million from a collector's house, which was twice set on fire to hide the crime, authorities said. No one has been arrested.

Navy woman reprimanded for fraternizing: A female Navy flight student at Aviation Officer Candidate School at Pensacola Naval Air Station has been fined $783 and given a letter of reprimand for fraternizing with a lower-ranking Marine drill instructor who later was convicted of sexually harassing military women.