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Drive-by shooting arrest predicted

Published Oct. 8, 2005

A Hollywood man remained in critical condition Monday after an apparently unprovoked drive-by shooting on Interstate 95, and an arrest was imminent in the case, investigators said.

"I think we're making excellent progress in the case, and I think we'll have it resolved shortly," Broward County sheriff's spokesman Ott Cefkin said late Monday. "We're in the process of seizing the car we believe was involved in the shooting."

Cefkin said investigators were contacted earlier Monday by an attorney "who represents a fellow who apparently has some involvement in the shooting."

He said an arrest was possible today in the shooting of 21-year-old Michael Casares.

Casares remained in critical condition Monday evening in intensive care at Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, a spokeswoman said. He was shot in the face early Sunday as he and a group of friends were driving home after a night on the town.

According to Marlon Mejia, one of the passengers, a Ford Mustang zipped past their car, slowed down and dropped back even with it. Then the driver poked a pistol from the Mustang's window and shot Casares.

"It hit him right here," Mejia said, pointing just under his right eye.

Sheriff's investigators said Casares' friends reported they had had no problems at the nightclub they had visited and no traffic trouble with the Mustang.

Driver Carlos Nieves first tried and failed to catch the Mustang, then raced to get Casares to the hospital.

Investigators earlier described the car as a late-model 5.0 Mustang, possibly maroon, with fully tinted windows and a wind foil around the bottom.