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Published Oct. 9, 2005

The top-selling books of the week as compiled by the New York Times.


1. The Bridges of Madison County (Robert James Waller) The story of a photographer and a lonely farmer's wife in Iowa.

2. The Client (John Grisham) A deadly secret, revealed by a lawyer just before he commits suicide, presents serious problems for an 11-year-old boy.

3. The Last Command (Timothy Zahn) The final volume of a "Star Wars" trilogy.

4. J Is for Judgment (Sue Grafton) Kinsey Millhone investigates the case of a man who apparently committed suicide _ but may have returned to life to reap benefits.

5. I'll Be Seeing You (Mary Higgins Clark) A TV reporter has mystifying experiences in a hospital.

6. Gai-Jin (James Clavell) Cordial relationships and terrorism between the Japanese and foreigners in Yokohama in 1862.

7. A Season in Purgatory (Dominick Dunne) The social and political machinations of a wealthy Irish Catholic family.

8. Like Water for Chocolate (Laura Esquivel) Frustration, love, hope _ and recipes _ sampled by a woman coming of age on a Mexican ranch.

9. Angel (Barbara Taylor Bradford) The reunion of four people, all successful in glamorous jobs, is transformed by the appearance of two celebrated men.

10. Perfect (Judith McNaught) A young model is abducted by a filmmaker who has been serving time for murder,


1. Women Who Run With the Wolves (Clarissa Pinkola Estes) A Jungian analyst reinterprets myths and folk tales to enable women to understand their psyches.

2. Healing and the Mind (Bill Moyers) Conversations about the relationship of sickness to thoughts and emotions.

3. The Way Things Ought To Be (Rush Limbaugh) Anecdotes and opinions offered by the talk show host.

4. Care of the Soul (Thomas Moore) A psychotherapist talks about spirituality and everyday life.

5. A World Waiting To Be Born (M. Scott Peck) A call for greater civility in life.

6. Bankruptcy 1995 (Harry E. Figgie Jr. with Gerald J. Swanson) The authors predict the collapse of America under government debt and suggest ways to cope with it.

7. Remembering Denny (Calvin Trillin) A memoir of a bright young man of the 1950s who committed suicide.

8. Assembling California (John McPhee) Investigations into the geological history of California.

9. Amy Fisher: My Story (Amy Fisher with Sheila Weller) The memoirs of the teenager who is now serving time for shooting the wife of a man she says was her lover.

10. Thinking Out Loud (Anna Quindlen) Essays on current topics by the New York Times columnist.