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Published Oct. 9, 2005

Falcons: Los Angeles Raiders running back Eric Dickerson, the second-leading rusher in NFL history, will meet Monday with Atlanta management and coaches. Falcons vice president of player personnel Ken Herock: "We want to bring Eric in, get acquainted with him, just see if there's any sort of mutual fit there." The visit from Dickerson fits into the Falcons' search for a veteran running back to add spark to the NFL's second-poorest rushing offense. Dickerson has two years remaining on his contract with the Raiders. But if he is waived by Los Angeles, where he was used sparingly in the second half of last season, he would be free to sign with the team of his choice. Dickerson: "The Falcons are a young team that can go places. They're a fun team, and it's been a long time since football's been fun for me. Do I hope something gets done with Atlanta? Most definitely."

Steelers: Coach Bill Cowher knows tight end Eric Green can play. He's just not sure if Green, suspended for six games last year for substance abuse, will be around. Cowher suggested Green's value is in direct proportion to his trustworthiness: "Your value is correlated to your accountability. That's going to be measured over time."