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Baby yourself in kitchen

Dear Heloise: I have a 4-month-old baby and have decided to make my own baby food. I have one question: If I freeze pureed fruit and vegetables, am I destroying any vitamins in the process?

Reply: Generally, making your own baby food is not recommended because of the potential for contamination (the food is handled so much between the cooking and freezing process).

According to our county extension home economist, any nutrients lost in fruits and vegetables will be lost in the cooking, not the freezing, process.

Most baby food on the market today has less sodium and sugar than it did 10 years ago, and, in most cases, it isn't any more economical to make your own.

Books are available to help those who wish to make baby food themselves.

Collar camouflage

Dear Heloise: To lessen the stares and questions when wearing a cervical collar, cover it with a knee-high in a color that matches your outfit.

Pizza cutters

Dear Heloise: Because my family likes double-cheese pizzas, I bake homemade pizzas to order.

The pizza pans I purchased had deep lines cut into them by the pizza-cutter wheel. Cutting the pizzas was a chore until I remembered my trusty kitchen scissors.

Now I cut through the pizzas and toppings with ease. The scissors come apart for cleaning and disinfecting.

The pans no longer bear the marks, the pieces aren't pulled or pushed off the pan while cutting, and I don't burn my fingers.

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