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Exceptional students have a field day

Students of Eisenhower Exceptional Center were treated to a picnic and field day sponsored in part by the members of the Brandon Junior Woman's Club at Medard Park.

The activities included games and a barbecue. Club members in attendance were Laura Briant, Alisha Durrance, Debbie Foreman, Nancy Kelley, Jan Sack and Debbie Vance.

Chris Castonguay, Dawn Morse and Lisa Stark, all students at the center, attended the State Spring Special Olympics at Florida State University. The students were accompanied by their teacher, Laura Briant, and competed in walks, runs and a softball throw. The weekend ended with a victory dance for all the Special Olympians.

Crimson Doll Auxiliary Squad

The following is a list of the members of the 1993-94 Bloomingdale High School Crimson Doll Auxiliary Squad: Erin Andrews, Amy Arado, Melanie Bartz, Latisha Benoit, Natalie Cacciatore, Keri Cathcart, Charity Ciroli, Dana Colella, Toni Criswell, Charity Erwin, Alana Faulkner, Nicki Foster, Crystal Freeman, Melissa Gabell, Megan Gillis, Amanda Hooper, Arnetta Isom, Kim Jameson, Jessica Jiosne, Melissa Kitman, Jennifer Kniess, Karmyn Laverghetta, Lisa Marshburn, Christina Morales, Annie Morris, Laura Nichols, Andrea Penley, Valerie Pope, Cherrise Pounds, Meri Rogers, Lashay Sanchez, Christa Simmons, Heidi Slovacek, Kim Wallace, Martha Willman, Katie Weaver, Vicki Wolf, Stefanie Wuckovich and Natalie Zindorf. Captain for the squad is Lisa Marshburn, and co-captains are Dana Colella and Toni Criswell.