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Merger of units boosts community policing

Editor's note: You probably did a double take when you saw the byline with this column. Lt. Mary Brady got married on Friday, and now she's Lt. Mary Peters.

Community Policing has expanded. Instead of just 43 community police officers handling the quality of life issues in your neighborhoods, you now have 273 officers spread throughout the city practicing community policing. And all of this was done without any increase in the police budget.

The Community Policing Division merged with the Patrol Division and is now called the Uniform Services Division. Effective last week, all the Community officers and patrol officers formed teams. Each team is responsible for the problem-solving in a zone. The zone is a geographical area with an assigned number. These were formally called Community Policing Areas. There are 18 zones in District One (south), 16 zones in District Two (north), and 14 zones in District Three (west). We'll list the officers, their phone numbers and maps of their zones in the near future.

Officer Keith Glasgow is the community police officer assigned to the zone called 31. Zone 31 includes all of Shore Acres and 45th to 62nd avenues N, from the water to Fourth Street N. Keith's patrol partners in 31 Zone are Bill Walker for the midnight shift, Clark Kinsey for day shift, and Ed Jacquemin with Al Seymour for the evening shift. Each one of these officers is responsible for coming up with solutions to the problems that develop in 31 Zone. If they have not already received the training in problem-solving, they will be scheduled soon.

According to Jacquemin, the new team concept is still in its infancy and he hopes everyone understands it may be a little while before the team is completely built.

Ed himself is new to 31 Zone and he will be going to computer training to learn how to identify recurring trouble areas in his zone. He is aware of the problems with speeding and disorderly juveniles. Ed uses a radar unit in the area of 62nd Avenue N near Shore Acres Elementary, and 40th Avenue NE because of the amount of complaints on the speeding cars.

Officer Bob Jones, the traffic Selective Enforcement Officer for District Two, also targetsthese areas. Both Ed and Keith work the juvenile problems in 31 Zone. There are complaints of juveniles causing vandalism, drinking, making excessive noise and harassing people in the areas of Denver Park, Puryear Park, Tanglewood, Pennsylvania Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue. Keith says he and his fellow officers are in a "zero tolerance" mode right now. Zero tolerance means that the officers will charge the law violators for every offense, no warnings. The juveniles have been warned, many of the parents have been contacted and the neighbors have been notified about reporting incidents.

One of the biggest concerns right now is that some of these children have alcohol. The juveniles involved have been getting their alcohol from somewhere in this community, and Keith would like anyone to call him with information on this source.

Keith not only deals with the problem youths in his zone. One of his greatest pleasures is to deal with the achievers. Through the Gateway Exchange Club, Keith made contacts and developed criteria for a twice-a-year award. The "Young Citizenship Award" is presented to fifth-graders at Lynch, Shore Acres and North Shore elementaries. The recipient receives a certificate and a leather-bound dictionary.

There have been three vehicle burglaries with smashed-out windows on Pine Street NE, Bayou Grande Boulevard and Cedar Street where stereo systems were taken. In addition to this, several cars have been found with the rear windows smashed with a brick in Venetian Isles, Shore Acres and Twin Lakes. This has been happening late at night. If anyone has information on this or any other problems in 31 Zone, please call Keith at 892-5935. His zone partners do not have phone numbers yet, but will in the future. (In cases of emergency, dial 911.)

Special Note: The Community Resource Center at Tyrone Gardens had its grand opening on June 7. The hours of operation have not been set yet.

If you have any questions about the officers in your area, contact Lt. Mary Peters at 892-5078.