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We've got Wrinkles

Many answers to last week's questions have come in this week. First, the really good news: Numerous readers wrote or called with offers of Wrinkles stuffed dogs for the terminally ill nephew of Pauline Bischoff of Homosassa. Thanks to Linda Thompson of Pinellas Park, Trudy Gross of St. Petersburg, Martha Taylor, Kim Lackey and her daughter of Largo, Carol Schwartz of Treasure Island, Susan Rothe of St. Petersburg and the caller from Holiday.

Moving right along, we come to the feet: C.

M. Brusa of Port Richey, Mary Conner of Clearwater writes that her son has found French Shriner shoes at Shoe Bazaar in the Bay Area Outlet Mall. Sadly, however, the store informs us that the manufacturer has gone out of business and the shoes are no longer available.

We have better news for Charles Andrazyk of New Port Richey, who was looking for a mail-order source for romeo slipper. Carol Patten of Spring Hill sent in a page from the current JC Penney catalog with the shoes. Call (800) 222-6161. Dorothy Welch of Clearwater suggests you try Dr. Leonard's Health Care Products, 72 20th St., Brooklyn, NY 11232-1100, phone (718) 768-0010, or Hanover House, Hanover, PA 17333-0182, phone (717) 633-3377. (Mildred Spies of Clearwater, the latter catalog also carries a good-looking grocery cart.)

Last week we steered Jane Mason and Dorothy Johnson to the Vermont Country Store in Weston, VT, for the gaskets they had been seeking. Several readers have since written to let E. Schultz of Spring Hill know that they also sell an Olivetti manual typewriter for $135. Call (802) 362-2400 (to place order) or (802) 362-4647. In the meantime, we have forwarded several offers from folks who are willing to sell theirs.

The following is for Erma Miller of Clearwater and other folks who have older-model radios, phonographs and electronic equipment. Antique Electronic Supply, P.O. Box 27468, Tempe, AZ 85285-7468, phone (602) 820-5411, fax (602) 820-4643, supplies many replacement parts for these items. Thanks toCharles Butcher of Seminole for sending in that information.

Joanne Uvacik of New Port Richey passes along information on Culinary Parts Unlimited to Marianne Miller of Palm Harbor, whose food processor was missing a critical piece. The northern California-based company has parts, replacement pieces and accessories for a number of manufacturers of coffee makers, mixers, food processors and other counter-top kitchen appliances, even discontinued ones. Call (800) 543-7549.

Pat Rague of Port Richey has this for Margaret Kickliter of Palm Harbor, who was looking for waxed paper "bakery bags" in reasonable quantities. "I've ordered these, personalized, from Miles Kimball, 41 W Eighth Ave., Oshkosh, WI 54906, phone (414) 231-4886. They're wonderful." A pack of 12 bread bags is $4.98, a pack of 12 bakery bags $4.79.

It's request time

Now on to requests. Mrs. Rita Shattuck of Hudson wants to know where she can find a four-cup coffee percolator, while Virginia Endres of South Pasadena has a similar request regarding a small aluminum drip coffee pot.

Mrs. Irene Morahan of Spring Hill is looking for a plastic or fiberglass six-foot-long fish for her husband to hang on the outside wall over the pool. A sailfish, swordfish or dolphin will do, she writes.

Ellen Buonemani of Clearwater has two requests. Where can she find round sheets and bedspreads for her round bed, and where can she find an old-fashioned street light for her back yard that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

Lucille Williams of Spring Hill's hunt is for a folding, expandable wood table unit that seats eight to 10 people. "These units also contain folding chairs which fit into the table and make a compact unit that requires a minimum of floor space when not being used."

The condominium social club where Carol Lane of Seminole lives is looking for 90-inch round vinyl table cloths in white. Any suggestions, readers?

Mrs. O.

A. Seaton of Safety Harbor wonders if anyone knows where she can get foam-back furniture throws. They used to be available in the Sears catalog, she writes, but no more.

Send questions, answers and tips to Reader Exchange, At Home, the Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731. Please include name, address and a daytime telephone number.