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A nanny needs some help

I have been a nanny for a few years and will be moving to the Gainesville area soon. I was wondering if anyone knows of any groups or organizations that can help nannies find each other. _ Caller to KidsLine

For parents who need support

Parent Support Network is a nonprofit group affiliated with Mease Hospital in Dunedin. We charge nothing for our meetings and meet the second Wednesday of each month. Several people in the group had children who were in a neonatal unit because of Group B strep. The person who wanted information can call me at (813) 442-9226. Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings, or I can give advice about how to put together a support group. _ Jan LaBelle


About the bloody noses, they can be caused by dry air, especially at night. If you use a humidifier, they don't occur as much. _ Caller to KidsLine

I was calling in response to the question about children's nosebleeds. My son ended up having to have his nose cauterized through an outpatient surgery center because he had the same problem. That situation was severe. Here are some things you might try: After you get the nose to stop bleeding, apply pressure for about 5 minutes without releasing it, and see if that stops it. Little blood vessels up inside the nose begin to crack, and the ear, nose and throat doctor recommended to take something like petroleum jelly or Neosporin and coat the inside of the nose _ not up too high. That holds moisture in the nose and coats the blood vessels and keeps them from drying out as easily and cracking due to extremes in temperature from air conditioning or heating. That's been a big help to us, and we've had no further problems. _ Caller to KidsLine

Need creative solutions to parenting problems? Write to "Parent Exchange" and describe them. We'll get the experts _ other parents _ to give you some ideas. Write to: Parent Exchange, Floridian, the Times, P.O. Box 419, St. Petersburg, FL 33731-0419. Or call us at KidsLine: 893-8985 in Pinellas or (800) 333-7505, ext. 8985.