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Make state builders pay up front

Published Oct. 9, 2005

Editor: I suggest that we make it a state law that all builders in Florida put up $500,000 in bonds before they are licensed to build homes in this state.

The media have recently published that some new homeowners have lost up to $20,000 because the builder has gone belly up or pulled a scam. If the builder can't afford the security monies, then he shouldn't be in the home building business.

It's time we protected the unsuspecting homeowner. Let's weed out the bad builder. Florida doesn't need this negative publicity.

Vincenzo J. Riolo

Spring Hill

Put patrol cars on streets; keep county residents safe

Editor: Sheriff Tom Mylander's proposed budget is way off and full of "fat" again. Although we do not need more supervision, he has assigned more supervisors.

What we need is 16 more deputies assigned to traffic enforcement. Nylander could get these extra deputies by removing patrol cars from deputies' driveways and using them 100 percent, instead of 33 percent, of the time.

It does not make sense to park a $30,000 vehicle in a driveway for 16 hours a day. I hope the County Commission takes a good look at this practice and puts a stop to it. The residents of Hernando County cannot afford this type of waste.

Edward Graham

Spring Hill

Lack of action blamed in refusal to clean toxic spill

Editor: Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Our county commissioners sit twiddling their thumbs while 8,500 gallons of gasoline seep closer and closer to our aquifer, or a well.

A semitrailer truck accident last December caused the spill. No one wants to pay, so nothing is done! Why?

Hernando County is supposed to have a budget surplus of more than $5.5- million. Why didn't the county commission immediately authorize and pay for the removal of the contaminated soil? If no one wanted to reimburse the county for its expenses, we should do what all insurance companies do: sue in a court and let a judge decide who is responsible for paying for the cleanup.

Doing nothing about this toxic spill makes no sense. It sets a bad precedent of inaction and indecision on the part of the Hernando County commissioners and the Emergency Management Department.

Tom Jacobellis

Spring Hill

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