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Miami man kills wife, hangs himself

A man hanged himself from a tree in his neighbor's yard after he killed his wife by hitting her on the head with an ax as she slept on a sofa bed in their living room. The woman's 16-year-old daughter was seriously wounded when she got caught up in the dispute early Saturday. Cecile Marcelin's 14-year-old son woke up to go to the bathroom when he found his mother and sister sprawled on the living room floor. He went to their next-door neighbor's house. "He told us there was blood," said the neighbor, who identified herself only as Marie. Marie and her family looked for Cecile's husband, Celius Marcelin, but couldn't find him. As she walked back to her house, Marie saw him dangling from a mango tree in her back yard. Celius, 39, and Cecile, 36, died. Adeline, the oldest of five children, was reported in critical but stable condition Saturday at Jackson Memorial Hospital. A hospital spokeswoman said Sunday there was no one by that name there.

Pilot killed in small plane crash

NICEVILLE _ Witnesses say a small plane crashed, killing the pilot and narrowly missing a couple homes, when the advertising banner it was pulling became entangled in trees. The 1969 Cessna 150-J crashed Saturday while flying low over Ruckel Airport in this Florida Panhandle city in a common procedure to pick up the banner. No one on the ground was hurt and no passengers were aboard the plane. Pilot Joseph Anthony Kauffman Jr., 44, of Pensacola, was pronounced dead at the scene, said Rick Hord, spokesman for the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office. After snatching the banner, the plane banked left and climbed but the banner snagged on some trees, witnesses said. They said the pilot released the banner and the plane went into a steep climb, then turned and abruptly dived, hitting at a 90-degree angle in David Williams' front yard.

Navy hydrofoils begin farewell tour

KEY WEST _ Six hydrofoils, the last Navy ships based here, sailed away Sunday for a farewell tour up the East Coast. They'll be "mothballed," according to Lt. Jeff Ranta, a spokesman. The ships will tour the East Coast to James River, Va., with an official decommissioning July 30. The fastest fleet in the Navy is a casualty of cutbacks. The ships saw combat once. During the invasion of Grenada, they served as support vessels. In Key West, they would often play the role of enemy gunboats in practice operations with visiting vessels. But their major mission had been the war on drugs. The entire squadron interdicted more than 225,000 pounds of marijuana and 12,000 pounds of cocaine as part of Joint Task Force 4.

Fistfight breaks out at Klan rally

MONTICELLO _ About a dozen members of the Ku Klux Klan rallied Saturday on the steps of the Jefferson County Courthouse to recruit members, authorities said. Angry words passed between Klan members and about 40 residents who stopped near the courthouse to watch, Sheriff Ken Fortune told WCTV-TV in Tallahassee. There was one fistfight between a Klansman and a black man, but no arrests were made and no one was injured, he said. Sheriff's deputies were notified ahead of time of the rally and videotaped the gathering. Fortune said the tape would be reviewed, but he said no one would be arrested unless someone files an assault charge.