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Hair system deposit not refunded

I am writing for my husband because we are Russian immigrants and he does not write well in English.

The problem is that he ordered a hairpiece from Apollo Hair Systems on Feb. 4. He paid a $200 deposit because the man said, "If you don't like it _ money back."

The contract said the hairpiece would be ready in four to six weeks, which was good because he needed it for a very important audition on April 5 (he is a musician).

The company did not call. When we phoned they said the hairpiece would be ready April 1, which really was a joke, because when he arrived they said they had gotten the wrong hairpiece and he would have to wait longer.

Finally on May 6 they said it was ready. He needed it on time in April, not a month later, but even so, we tried to be nice.

When we went to the appointment, the hairdresser was smoking and continued to smoke in her very tiny fitting room while talking to us. We don't smoke and felt insulted in that room full of smoke.

We did not want to have any business with this company anymore and asked for our deposit back. But they refused.

We think if Apollo takes 14 weeks instead of the promised six weeks, that violates the contract, and the company should return our money. Plus they should teach their employees how to behave.



Response: Kim Blair of Apollo Hair Systems answered your complaint. She said that nothing was mentioned about an important deadline when the first hairpiece turned out to be wrong. A few days later when you called and told her about your husband's audition, the wrong hairpiece already had been sent back to the factory and you agreed to wait, she said.

On the day of the fitting, Ms. Blair said, you accompanied your husband and the stylist to the fitting booth and would not let your husband talk at all. You looked at the hair replacement before it was cut and styled and announced that it was not acceptable. You would not permit the stylist to talk to your husband or style the hair replacement. It appeared that you did not want your husband to get the replacement even before you saw it.

The agreement states that the client agrees to come in for attachment and finished styling. If he doesn't do so, his deposit will be forfeited. Since you refused to permit the attachment and styling, you don't get your money back.

As for an employee's smoking _ smoking is not allowed in the styling booths or office area, Ms. Blair says, and that policy is strictly enforced.

Sorry we could not help.

Paint flaking not enough for recall

Can you find out if there are any recall plans in the wind for Dodge or Chrysler owners? My beautiful 1986 Dodge van has severe flaking and peeling of its paint, and it is going to cost me $1,500 to repaint it.

Paul Shreve

Response: Not at this time.

The folks at the Center for Auto Safety, a Washington-based watchdog group, tell us they have received 300 to 500 complaints about the paint jobs on Chrysler products made in the mid-1980s. But the company caught the problem right away and corrected it.

The organization has gotten some 3,000 to 5,000 complaints about the paint on Ford products, however.

Both companies have taken the position that they will consider complaints on an individual basis. Sometimes they agree to a settlement.

For information on this subject, write to the Center for Auto Safety, 2001 S St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20009. Include the year, make and model of your vehicle and a summary of your problem. Also enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Free living will forms available

Please remind your readers that they can get a free copy of a living will form that allows them to reject life-prolonging medical procedures when an illness is terminal by writing to Living Will, The Florida Bar, 650 Apalachee Parkway, Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300 or call (800) 358-9455.

Tell them to enclose a stamped, self-addressed long envelope to speed up handling the request.

R. Hensel

Response: We get a lot of questions on this topic. Glad we can be of help.

If you have a question for Action, or your own attempts to resolve a consumer complaint have failed, write: Times Action, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg, FL 33731, or call your Action number, 893-8171, to leave a recorded request for Action.