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Students who received recognition are as follows. Asterisks identify those honored at the Grand Recognition Ceremony in Durham.

John Agness, St. Paul's School

Mark Agisotelis, Palm Harbor Middle School+

Michael Alford, Seminole Middle School

Nicole Allred, Seminole Middle School

Amanda Ashley, Dunedin Highland Middle School

Laird Bedore, Seminole Middle School

Craig Beese, Seminole Middle School

Kofi Boakye, Safety Harbor Middle School

Robert Bollig, Our Lady of Lourdes School

Emily Burgess, Canterbury School of Florida

Paul Carey, Tarpon Springs Middle School

John Chapman, British Academy

Jessica Collier, Palm Harbor Middle School+

Marissa Curtis, Palm Harbor Middle School+

Colette Cushman, Seminole Middle School

Michael Dema, Osceola Middle School+

Yves Dharamraj, Seminole Middle School

Mary Donnelly, Bay Point Middle School

Kathleen Dunn, Tarpon Springs Middle School

Michael Falls, Seminole Middle School

Michael Fisher, Canterbury School of Florida+

Anna Gattuso, St. Cecelia School

Shea Gibbs, Shorecrest Preparatory

Virginia Gower, Canterbury School of Florida

Hassan Haider, British Academy

Sarah Hammond, Tarpon Springs Middle School

Ryan Heit, Safety Harbor Middle School

Audrey Horner, Osceola Middle School

Gina Howe, Seminole Middle School

Sarah Hussin, Safety Harbor Middle School

Maria Ingrande, Canterbury School of Florida

Eliza Johnson, Palm Harbor Middle School+

Michael Kangas, Palm Harbor Middle School

Theresa Kappel, Shorecrest Preparatory

Meaghan Kelly, Our Lady of Lourdes School

Shelly Kidd, Seminole Middle School+

Lavanya Kqrabathina, Tarpon Springs Middle School+

Lily Lam, Osceola Middle School+

Eric Lee, Safety Harbor Middle School+

Vincent Lee-Shue, Wellington School+

Tiffany Lennon, Safety Harbor Middle School

Jared Lessl, Seminole Middle School

Apostolos Mamatas-Kalamar, British Academy+

Jessica Mingo, Safety Harbor Middle School

Robert Murphy, Osceola Middle School

Neeraj Nagella, Shorecrest Preparatory

Morgan Najar, Shorecrest Preparatory

Andrew Nelson, Bay Point Middle School

Ciana Ngo, Seminole Middle School

Josef Norgan, Osceola Middle School

Michael Ortlieb, Safety Harbor Middle School

Nicholas Pardee, St. Paul's School+

Karla Pedersen, Safety Harbor Middle School

Jonathan Ryan, Bay Point Middle School

Jennifer Sayler, Riviera Middle School

Brandon Schneberger, Safety Harbor Middle School

Jennifer Seymour, Palm Harbor Middle School

Brian Short, Seminole Middle School

Lauren Shure, Safety Harbor Middle School

Michael Signorelli, Seminole Middle School

Alan Smith, Bay Point Middle School

Jennifer Smolansky, Safety Harbor Middle School

Jeffrey Steedle, St. Cecelia School

Emily Stieren, Safety Harbor Middle School

Richard Szynkiewicz, St. Cecelia School

Yousef Tarshiani, Seminole Middle School

Isa Tharin, Shorecrest Preparatory

Bradley Thurman, Wellington School

Christopher Turtzo, Palm Harbor Middle School

Jennifer Tutak, Oak Grove Middle School

Barbara Van Leuvan, Safety Harbor Middle School

Jennie Varela, Transfiguration School

Sarah Vollbracht, Safety Harbor Middle School

Kara Wedekind, Canterbury School of Florida

Justin Wetherwax, Seminole Middle School

Catherine Whamond, St. Cecelia School

Ryan Whitson, St. Cecelia School

Scott Wilson, Safety Harbor Middle School+

Stephanie Winner, Seminole Middle School

Bartosz Zalewski, Safety Harbor Middle School+

Jesse Zeigler, Palm Harbor Middle School