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A boy names a beast

It took 12-year-old Dylan Friel about 25 minutes to come up with a winner for the "Name Our Pal" contest at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa.

An avid listener of old-time rock 'n' roll, Dylan creatively came up with "Steggy Sue" as the winning name. He called upon the 1950s Buddy Holly tune, Peggy Sue, to name the museum's new 7-foot purple and yellow dinosaur mascot.

Dylan's suggestion was chosen from 185 possibilities sent to the museum from youngsters across the Tampa Bay area.

"I feel very good," the West Hernando Middle School student said. "It was easy to come up with the name."

Dylan was honored at the museum earlier this month, and was given a gift basket containing a two-year family membership to the museum, free passes to Busch Gardens and Adventure Island, T-shirts, posters and edible treats.

Contestants were given basic information describing the new mascot, designed to promote the museum's current exhibit, Dinamation's Jurassic Dinosaur Journey, which runs through Sept. 26.

They were told that the stegosaurus is purple and yellow with green and yellow freckles, and although her brain is the size of a walnut, she is a good student.

Steggy Sue will make public appearances over the next two years as a visual reminder of the museum's $35-million expansion project, which is under way and scheduled for completion in 1995.