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Computer bulletin board could end event conflicts

Editor: Re: May 24 Editor's Note column, "Stopping conflicts of events."

You wrote about the need to find a method by which organizations of all kinds could avoid booking special events on the same day or weekend.

A possible solution could be to establish a central calendar of events computer bulletin board that would list, by date, all of the upcoming events that anyone fed into it. All that would be required to consult the bulletin board is a person with a computer and a modem. Ten years ago, this would have sounded elitist, but today (I would guess) most organizations of any size have a member who has a modem. He or she could be handed the duty of researching the calendar of events bulletin board and reporting back those dates that seem most clear.

After two years of having my own personal computer, I bought a modem two weeks ago and find its possibilities exciting. I haven't yet signed up for Prodigy or Compuserve, but I will soon. As is, I'm thrilled at being able to tap into the Clearwater Library's data bank (even at midnight) to see what's available.

The Times ran a good piece May 23 about Internet, the growing global classroom/data bank/sky's-the-limit information resource.

Bob Driver

Indian Rocks Beach