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Father's painful dividend

Like many fathers and sons, James and Antonio Carswell share a hobby. For the past 15 years, they have collected guns.

On Tuesday morning, the Carswells were sitting on their front porch cleaning an old Savage .32-caliber semiautomatic handgun when it went off.

Antonio Carswell, 23, accidentally shot his father, 53-year old James Carswell Jr., in the foot, according to a Tampa Police Department report.

"I'm the one who shot my father," the younger Carswell said after he finished cleaning the blood off the porch.

The elder Carswell had gone inside the house to get the gun. He sat next to his son, who started to clean it. According to police, Antonio Carswell thought the gun was not loaded because he had taken the clip out. A bullet, however, was lodged in the chamber.

The bullet passed through James Carswell's right foot and into his left foot. He was in good condition Tuesday at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Officer G. S. Caulley said because it was an older gun Antonio did not have to pull the trigger for it to go off.

"It probably slipped on him," Caulley said.

"I don't recall what really went on," said Antonio Carswell.

Sitting in a chair on the porch, he said he was in a state of shock. He said he has been cleaning guns for years.

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