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Gov. Casey, new organs doing well

Pennsylvania Gov. Robert Casey's new heart and liver are functioning well and he is able to obey commands and write brief messages, his doctors said Tuesday.

They said at a news conference that the governor was awake and responding to commands and might be removed from a respirator in 24 to 48 hours.

John Fung, Chief of Transplantation at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and one of the surgeons who performed the liver transplant, said Casey remained in critical but stable condition and continued to breath with the help of a respirator.

Doctors said it was too soon to assess whether there would be problems with rejection of the new organs.

Casey is expected to remain in intensive care for the next several days.

Arlen Specter's

tumor was benign

PHILADELPHIA _ Sen. Arlen Specter conducted business from his hospital bed Tuesday after doctors gave him the good news: The 2-inch tumor removed from his skull was benign.

Specter should be discharged by week's end, doctors said. They did not know when the 63-year-old, three-term Republican would return to Washington.