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Susan Sellers, a student from Gulf High School, was selected as the 1992-93 School Volunteer of the Year by the Florida Department of Education. Susan tutors other students in math and foreign language, and participated in the Peer Counseling program.

Lina Westerling, a student from Gulf High School, has been named a Congressional Scholar and will attend the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C., in early August. Lina will meet with members of Congress, diplomats, national media figures, prominent scholars and take part in a presentation on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Jason Murphy and Jennifer True, seniors at Gulf High School, were recently awarded scholarships by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Both students have been accepted to Florida State University.

At Gulf High School's ROTC awards banquet May 21, seniors Pam Weller, Rami Cassis, and Janet Ruder, were awarded scholarships of $1,250 each from a trust fund set up by the late John and Ida Sendele. The unit received $1,250 from the administrators of the trust, Mike Ryon and Ester Mertsching. Cadet Rami Cassis was selected to receive a $3,000 scholarship by the TROA/KINNEY ROTC Scholarships Committee, represented by Col. Joe Grezaffi.

Gulf Middle School congratulates pupils, faculty and staff members inducted into the Pinnacle Society. Pinnacle recognizes those who give of their time and talent. Pupils who received the award are David Sanchez, Samuel Arlin, Rebekah Thomas, April Chasnoff, Janelle Dieters, Cynthia Kessler, Brandi Hayes, Ben Brault, Charity Dillon, Amanda Magnussen, Maryssa Montgomery, Autumn Brown, Lana Curgele, Ryan Park, Rebecca Bennett, Melissa Bond. Faculty and staff recipients are Shari Schau, Mickey Vankek, Kathy Mohr, Pat Mozlin, Lee Wyers.

Robert Taylor, a pupil from Mittye P. Locke Elementary School, was the winner of Pasco County's School Bus Safety Poster Contest. The following pupils placed in a Math League Competition held at Richey Fundamental Elementary School:

Fourth grade: first place, Mark Dahir; second place, Ronald Smith; third place, Stefan Malizia. Honorable Mentions went to Michael Greene, Kelly Miller, Kalah Mueller, Chrissy Ruggieri and Eddie DeSimone.

Fifth grade: first place, Jason Miller; second place, Morgan Stevens; third place, Michael Fuller. Honorable Mentions went to Bryan Sarabia, Corey Cochran, Mike Landon, Julie Ward, Jason Mann, Matt Murrel, William Olson, Jennifer Wood and Ruth Ducko.

Winners of the Dennis K. Mulligan Memorial Scholarship Award:

Charmaine Arnold, Pasco Middle School; Katie Blandchard, Land O'Lakes High School; Joshua Corcoran, Mary Giella Elementary School; Alicia DeCosmo, Fox Hollow Elementary School; Jason Fitzgerald, Fox Hollow Elementary School; Albert Gray, Pasco Comprehensive High School; Travis Howry, San Antonio Elementary School; Miranda Jones, Ridgewood High School; Kieffer Thompson, Hudson Middle School; Heather Ziegler, Hudson Elementary School; Amy Zimmer, Weightman Middle School.

The following Junior Deputy Essay Winners were honored at a luncheon at the Zephyrhills Moose Lodge. Each was awarded a certificate from Sheriff Lee Cannon:

Calusa Elementary School, Kara Schooler, Jason Von Fricken; Centennial Elementary, Larkin Reynolds, Jessica Hughes; Cox Elementary, Dora Lee Florez, Heather Hiott; Lacoochee Elementary, Lacey Allen, Stevie Mills; Lakes Academy: David Smolker, Danny Wendlek; Lake Myrtle Elementary, Clayton Bramlett, Crystal Combast; Moon Lake Elementary, Chrissy Decker, Sarah Griffiths; Pasco Elementary, Amber Larkin, Nicklaus Pervis; Quail Hollow Elementary, Heather Coleman, Heather Fritz; Richey Fundamental Elementary, Stefan Malizia, Melissa Stanjeski; San Antonio Elementary, Joseph Zeranski, Tara Wheaton; Sanders Memorial Elementary, Anthony J. Leone, Stephanie Brooks; St. Anthony's Catholic, Ben Aguilar, Britni Hill; W. Zephyrhills Elementary, Amanda Blackmon, Kami Baker; Woodland Elementary: Bryan Garcia, Stuart Wertman.

Lori Volk, a teacher at Hudson Elementary School, and Pamela Walter, a fourth-grade teacher at Lake Myrtle Elementary School, recently were nominated for the Sallie Mae First Year Teacher Award. The award is given to 100 first year teachers nationwide who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom.

Sandra Boleyn was recently named Volunteer of the Year at Mittye P. Locke Elementary School.

Sandra Thompson was honored with the MAGGIE, or Marvelous Adult Giving Generously in Education, Award for her years of dedication in volunteering at Mittye P. Locke Elementary School. The MAGGIE award was established by the family of Marge Rose to recognize school volunteers.