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Probe shows officer made fun of Clinton

The Air Force has confirmed that a two-star Air Force general made derogatory comments about President Clinton at an official banquet last month and will decide on punishment later this week, Defense Department officials said Tuesday.

Maj. Gen. Harold Campbell had been investigated after reports he described the new commander-in-chief as "gay-loving," "pot smoking," "draft dodging" and "womanizing" during an awards banquet at Soesterberg Air Base in the Netherlands on May 24.

Pentagon officials said Tuesday that a three-star general sent to investigate returned to the United States on Friday after confirming the essence of the reports. They declined to provide more details of Campbell's comments or their context.

The episode has embarrassed the military and the White House, focusing attention once again on Clinton's rocky relationship with the services. Moreover, Campbell, 53, is a former fighter pilot decorated for valor in the Vietnam War, a record that contrasts with Clinton's history of draft avoidance.

Under the military code, officers can be court-martialed for making contemptuous remarks about the commander-in-chief.