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Published Oct. 9, 2005


(Filings for April 26-30)

State of Florida vs. Stanley Nieznalski (child support).

Norbert Holz vs. David Workman and David K. Workman.

Norbert Holz vs. Ismael O'Neill and Charles R. and Betty Tolhurst.

Bruce W. and Judy McCarter vs. Gilbert L. and Josephine Petrovic (foreclosure).

Associates Commercial Corporation vs. Gary and Erin Mancini (contract and indebtedness).

Peter W. Zaremba vs. Robert H. and Hope Scott and Kemper Investor Life Insurance Co.

Danny Gold vs. Stephanie Blevins (foreclosure).

Daniel McNiece vs. FEISCO.

Mid-State Federal Savings Bank, Mid-State Federal Saving and Loan Association, Ocala Federal Savings and Loan Association and First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Brooksville (foreclosure) vs. William L. and Sandra A. Cashner (foreclosure).

Barnett Mortgage Company and First Florida Bank NA vs. Howard R. and Florence E. Bandemer, American Dream Real Estate Services Inc. and Brookridge Community Property Owners Inc. (foreclosure).

Barnett Mortgage Company and First Florida Bank NA vs. Ralph and Linda D. Ocasio (foreclosure).

Andrew and Marie Larocca vs. Allyson Larocca.

Metmor Financial Inc. vs. Donald E. and Ann M. Cassata, Greg and Marge C. Kimble and Unknown tenants owners (foreclosure).

Ellen LaPorta vs. Frank Joseph LaPorta (support).

Sandra M. Kintop vs. Steven J. Dempssey (support).

Johanna Smalley vs. Gregory Steinman (child support).

Tareshia Smith vs. Mondrell O. Brown (child support).

Kimberly Haygood vs. Dwayne B. Williams (child support).

Lisa Messenger vs. Richard Samburgh (child support).

Brenda J. Stewart vs. William Holmes (child support).

Jean Perez vs. Martin F. Perez (child support).

Cindy Lee Morgan vs. Richard Trump MD, J.R. Barrios MD and Husam E. Shuayb MD.

Dennis A. Turnpaugh vs. Asa Lee Morningstar (name change).

Christopher D. Hubbard vs. John L. Bryan, J T & D Enterprises Inc. and Miss Kitty's Hilltop Lounge and Package (auto negligence).

George J. and Lillion I. Puckett vs. Jerome J. and Kim D. Hermel (foreclosure).

Federal National Mortgage Association vs. James and Gwen Kemper, James and Ruth Markus, Robert and Kathy Fritsch and Hernando County Board of County Commissioners (foreclosure).

State of Florida vs. Donald Edward Manney (forfeiture of bond).

Helen Martin, Anne Turanick, John Knisska and Margaret Cienki vs. Mary Kniska (foreclosure).

Deberry Trucking and Gramercy Insurance Company vs. Dorothy O. Foley (contract and indebtedness).

Charles E. Emig and C. Wade Emig vs. Richard Baylor and A. Betsey Baylor (foreclosure).


Barnett Bank of the Suncoast vs. Joan L. and David L. Kohr and Ford Motor Credit Company (foreclosure).

Ruth Ekizian vs. Carol E. Babayan.

Kenneth E. and Sally L. Joslin vs. Carolyn Rolling and Carolyn Hightower (foreclosure).

Chrysler First Commercial Chrysler First Wholesale and Westinghouse Credit Corp. vs. Charles and Celeste Combs (contract and indebtedness).

M & MA Corporation d/b/a McCain Building Supply vs. Joseph A. and Martha O. Stone, Gordon D. Warner Sr. d/b/a Warner Buildings and Gale Insulation of Hernando County (foreclosure).

FNW Capital Inc. vs. Copy Graphics and Jean and Simon S. Birchfield (contract and indebtedness).

Grace A. Hunt vs. Jesus R. and Loleris (foreclosure).

Patricia A. Cass and Lawrence H. Cass vs. Jack Eckerd Corporation (negligence).

Elfriede Pallminteri and Joseph Palminteri vs. Wilfredo C. Tricoche (auto negligence).

JHM Mortgage Securities vs. Peter Spadola, Deborah E. Spadola, Debbie Spadola and Unknown tenant (foreclosure).

Robert and Dorothy Schwefringhaus vs. JFI Corporation and Pick Kwik (negligence).

Bancboston Mortgage Corp. vs. David Lamar Byrd, Laurene Edna Byrd, American General Home Equity and Unknown tenants (foreclosure).

Helen A. and Walter Wieliczko vs. David George Duda (auto negligence).

Sun Bank and Trust Company vs. Robin C. Williams, John R. Plein, The United States of America, Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Treasury (foreclosure).

Community First Bank and Community Savings Bank vs. Colin R. Quinn, Gerald D. Andres, AVCO Financial Services of Florida Inc., Seven Hills Homeowners Association Inc. and Unknown tenants (foreclosure).

Hugh R. Sr. and Phyllis M. Jenkins vs. Margarette Heckathorn and Margery A. Saylor (foreclosure).

Roger A. and Carol A. Rashid vs. American General Home Equity Inc., Credithrift Inc. and Mandish & Associates Inc. (foreclosure).

Baby Girl Lo Cascio vs. Janet Lo Cascio (name change).

Bernestine Combast Bridges vs. Bonnie Bernestine Bridges (name change).


Kevin Allen vs. Michael D. Wells, William T. Charnock III, Judi Gillespie, J.R. Reynolds, Linda L. Watts, P.M. Barbee and David R. Carter (contract and indebtedness).

Oscar H. and Angeline M. Kerley vs.David R. Carter, William T. Charnock III, Carter & Charnock, attorneys, Judi Gillespie, Michael D. Wells, J.R. Reynolds, Linda L. Watts and P.M. Barbee d/b/a Barnell Realty Inc. (contract and indebtedness).

Earl F. Whitmarsh and Glenn L. McKay vs. Michael D. Wells, William T. Charnock, Carter & Charnock, attorneys, Judi Gillespie, J.R. Reynolds, Linda L. Watts and P.M. Barbee d/b/a Barnell Realty Inc. (contract and indebtedness).

Kim Madison and Gwendolyn F. Madison vs. Michael D. Wells, David R. Carter, William T. Charnock III, Carter & Charnock, attorneys, Judi Gillespie, J.R. Reynolds, Linda L. Watts and P.M. Barbee d/b/a Barnell Realty Inc. (contract and indebtedness).

Sonia Villetti vs. Maria Capalbo and Madeline M. Capalbo (auto negligence).



Frank Wiley Springstead vs. Barbara Ann Springstead.

Violet M. Friley vs. Christopher C. Friley.

Danny Workman vs. Vina J. Workman.

Sylvia E. McQuinn vs. Ronald E. McQuinn.

Charles S. Campbell vs. Cherie Ann Campbell.

Louis Petruzzelli vs. Ann M. Petruzzelli.

Sue Lynn Bailey vs. Darren A. Bailey.

Robert W. Adsit Jr. vs. Doris Wilson Adsit.

Bettiemae E. Clark vs. Robert Clark.

Holly Jo Sanders vs. Randall Lloyd Sanders.

Teresa M. DeAngelis vs. Thomas J. DeAngelis.

Kimberly Dette Hankins vs. Richard Charles Hankins.

Lynn Ryan Smith vs. Kenneth A. Smith.

Carl C. McQuinn vs. Gloria J. McQuinn.

Joan B. Kowalski vs. Clarence J. Kowalski.

Richard John Russano vs. Elizabeth M. Russano.


Janet Melgaard vs. Roger A. Melgaard.

Thomas A. Tagliavia Sr. vs. Connie M. Tagliavia.

Geanine Lynn Morley vs. Richard Michael Morley.

Frank R. Lee vs. Effie B. Lee.

Susan Mulder Haslim vs. Donald C. Haslim.

Ernest Elvon Lemons vs. Delona Geraldine Lemons.

John H. Marshall vs. Thelma M. Marshall.

Melvin Ray Staley vs. Esther Elizabeth Staley.

Patrick E. Mockler vs. Elizabeth Mockler.

Ariel Rivera vs. Marylin I. Bosque Rivera.

Kristina Michelle Jones vs. Robert Matthew Jones.

Randy J. Goodman vs. Julie A. Goodman.

Perry H. Lucas vs. Debra L. Lucas.

William Vince Skelton vs. Brenda Dianne Skelton.

Farrell Vaness Inmon vs. Charlene Denise Inmon.

Janice A. Olsavsky vs. Robert N. Olsavsky.

Frank Wiley Springstead vs. Barbara Ann Springstead.