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Published Oct. 9, 2005

Pavarotti quitting?

Opera star Luciano Pavarotti Tuesday strenuously denied reports he plans to quit opera to concentrate on recitals. "Leave the opera? That's rubbish," the celebrated tenor, 57, told journalists at his home near the northern Italian town of Modena. "I'm in good shape and I will sing for as long as I have the strength to do so." Pavarotti's long-time manager Herbert Breslin was quoted by the New Yorker magazine this month as saying the singer would leave opera after a year or two.


From Mayberry to you

There's a second edition of the Mayberry Collection, a catalog of all things Barney, Andy, Opie and Aunt Bee. Operators are standing by to take your orders for everything from Mayberry Yacht Club apparel, a Body by Barney tank top, an assortment of new T-shirts, the sporty new Barney Fife "gold" watch, Barney boxers, the Mayberry Union High varsity jacket, and Aunt Bee's Kitchen Collection, which includes oven mitts, cookie tins and aprons. For information, call (800) 933-2357.


Geraldo in 3-D?

Entrepreneur Elvin Feltner is finalizing plans to launch a new pay cable service in 3-D. Programing movies, sports and entertainment, the outlet will carry no advertising. Rather, it will be entirely supported by a hefty per-month subscription fee, Feltner said, indicating that it will likely cost more than industry leader HBO. Feltner said his technology _ actually not his, but licensed from its inventors _ includes electronic viewing glasses that are hooked up to the TV and read on what he described as a synchronized blinking interval basis, right-left-right-left, and not the flimsy blue-and-red glasses usually associated with 3-D.


Fewer "Wonderful' lives

Republic Pictures Corp. announced Monday that it now has exclusive rights to the copyrighted music in Frank Capra's classic film It's a Wonderful Life, which will allow Republic to preserve and protect the integrity of Capra's masterpiece. In addition, Republic also is the owner of the copyrighted short story upon which the movie was based. As a result, no company other than Republic Pictures is authorized to license the use of It's a Wonderful Life, said Russell Goldsmith, chairman and chief executive officer. The company will begin notifying TV stations and home video distribution companies that the film cannot be used except with a license from Republic and will formally request them to cease selling or broadcasting unauthorized versions of the film.

Reynolds squeezed out?

A week after Burt Reynolds filed for divorce, Florida citrus officials may be putting the squeeze on him. The Florida Citrus Commission may decide in meetings this week whether to renew the actor's $500,000, one-year contract to appear in commercials for the state's best known beverage. Pressure has been building to end the advertising campaign after its first year, the Orlando Sentinel reported Tuesday. Reynolds' plans to divorce actor Loni Anderson, his wife of five years, and who is made reference to in the ads, may have undercut the ads' effectiveness.


Pilots show moves

Friday night's Stone Temple Pilots/Butthole Surfers show has been moved from Jannus landing to the Florida State Fairgrounds Special Events Center in Tampa. Those who have already purchased tickets will be able to attend the show, which also features fIREHOSE and Basehead. Friday's show is the nationwide tour opener. The show begins at 7:30; doors open at 6:30, and there will be a barbecue at 5:30. Tickets can still be purchased for $17.50 in advance. Call 921-7271.