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Turn noise problem into cash

Editor: It seems that nothing can be done about the increasing size, weight and noise from bigger engines, or the destruction of our highways and streets by huge trucks that now travel through Hernando County. However, noise from another source could be curtailed, and a neat profit made at the same time.

I am referring to the loud "music" played on high-powered stereos in far too many trucks and automobiles. Throughout the day and night, their deep throbs reverberate along the streets, inside stores and houses, disrupting our reading, our television and, above all, our sleep.

I live in the Hill n' Dale area and find that expressing objection to the disruptive noises has little effect. As a matter of fact, a number of residents in Spring Hill, Brooksville and eastern Hernando County have expressed to me their fear of retaliation if they complain. Smashed mailboxes, houses being pelted with raw eggs and up-turned bird baths are only a few of the destructive ways used by the inconsiderate youths of our county to intimidate peaceful residents.

I was under the impression that Florida had a noise ordinance. If so, enforcing it could be as easy as parking a patrol car at the entrance of Hill n' Dale, or other areas, and stopping any approaching car or truck that can be heard as far as a block away. Then issue them a citation.

Think of the money that could be collected in only one week.

Emanuel Miller


Thanks for help with Central party

Editor: Many thanks to all the businesses, service clubs, schools and parents who donated their time, gifts and money to the Central High School Beach Bash Graduation Party at Buccaneer Bay on June 9.

Thanks to all of you there was plenty of food, soda and prizes for our young graduates to enjoy.

We're very proud of this well-behaved group of young adults and all of their accomplishments.

Dorothy E. Yarrington

Denise Shirley

1993 CHS Parents Committee