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Why look elsewhere when there's a gem right here?

Editor: Thank you very much for your informative article, "PHCC still to search nation for president." Ever since it was published in the Pasco Times May 12, I have unsuccessfully tried to see the logic or reasoning that led to the board's decision to conduct a nationwide search for a new president for PHCC.

Here are the facts as I understand them:

1. Dr. Robert Judson has served our local community college for many years as an exceptionally competent, capable, caring and concerned teacher and administrator.

2. He is very respected and well-liked by the college's faculty and students.

3. He enjoys tremendous community support.

4. He is highly qualified to become PHCC's next president.

Given these facts, it seems very unlikely, if not impossible, that a better candidate can be found, making any search a futile endeavor from the outset. Time, effort and money will be expended needlessly, while many worthwhile state programs are desperately short of funds.

I, therefore, wholeheartedly express my support for trustee Judy Braak's opposition to the search and urge the reader to do the same.

Brigitte Grimes, Dade City

Volunteer truly one who CARES

We at CARES wish to acknowledge the passing of an outstanding social service volunteer, Kathy Markovich. Kathy had been our travel chairperson since March 1990 when we first moved into our new offices in Port Richey.

She was solely responsible for the establishment of the Travel Committee and its activities. All funds were directed to our aging programs. She was dedicated to the aging individuals in our community who are striving to stay in their own homes with dignity and independence with the assistance of the aging programs offered by CARES.

Kathy resided in Florida for 18 years and in that time was not only involved with CARES but with the 1991 CARES and Barnett Bank Senior Olympics as coordinator, past secretary for the Pasco-Hernando Community College Performing Arts Guild, past area representative for the Education Foundation, past president of Live Oaks, former secretary for the Timber Oaks Homeowners Association, member of the Timber Oaks Chorus and a volunteer for the Pasco County Library.

Her valiant struggle these last 16 months have been an inspiration to all who knew her. She distinguished herself and never a word of complaint to anyone.

We were proud to have had Kathy's association and will remember her with the establishment of a memorial fund, a special volunteer award named in her honor and the continuance of her travel program.

John L. Sniezek,

chief executive officer, CARES