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Fired-up Father's Day

Since lots of families turned the tables on Mom last month to fix a meal for her, why not take Dad's place at the barbecue this weekend? He's not the only one who can play with fire. You can too, if you allow time and heed these tips:

Put charcoal in a mound. Apply charcoal lighter fluid and let soak for five minutes. Open grill vents (if any).

Light a rolled-up newspaper and ignite charcoal in several places. Let burn until coals are covered with gray ash (about 30 minutes).

Spread coals evenly and place food on grill. Turn with tongs, not a fork, and only once or twice.

Beef and fish cook quickest; chicken takes longer and should cook farther from coals. If coals flame up, remove food, shut vents and cover until fire subsides.

Cook twice the amount of you need (to cover mistakes _ and get leftovers for Monday's meal, too).

Make your own sauce or use store-bought. Just remember to say, "It's not as good as yours, Dad."