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Pleasure taken with bird bath

Editor: On June 8, a thief in the night stole a very heavy (approximately 75 pounds) bird bath from my front yard. Perhaps this letter to that person or persons may convey my feelings.

Dear Thief:

"Thank you" for stealing the beautiful bird bath from my front yard, which has brought me over a decade of pleasure. Unknowingly, though, you have cut my water bill and saved me time by not having to fill or clean it. For that, I should be grateful.

The hundreds of birds who use the bath daily also "thank you," but wonder where they will go after they eat from my feeder to quench their thirsts or cool their bodies in this hottest and driest of seasons.

Perhaps you could send the birds directions to your new oasis! Indeed, they would be grateful.

Bernard DeAngelis, Palm Harbor

The paving over of paradise

Editor: Re: "Oaks to be felled to expand parking," May 11.

We need not fuel our angst of global defoliation with long-range views of the carnage in the rain forest of the Amazon, or the staggering acres of verdant hillsides raped in Malaysia (note: fill in any country/state instead of Malaysia). No, we can simply turn to the dangerous hijinks of our Pinellas County school district, or our downtown development "partner," or any land gobbling conglomerate that never ventures outside, feeding its corporate gluttony in air-conditioned, windowless sanctums, developing projects for people.

I believe one of the most prophetic lyrics ever penned was by Joni Mitchell, ". . . pave paradise, put up a parking lot."

Charles E. Carey, Seminole

Sad, when there are real needs

Editor: Re: May 27 Editor's Note column, "Papering over an anniversary," with accompanying photo of Dunedin High School choral director Ray Markett's home and yard.

It is a shame that people spend money to buy more than 400 rolls of toilet paper for a "fun" project that is meaningless when the St. Petersburg Free Clinic and other charities must beg for this item to fulfill a real need.

Wouldn't it make more sense for these fun-seekers to collect as many rolls of toilet paper as they can and deliver them to a charity?

Ann Threase, Seminole