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Teens tell of sex and drugs with office

The female Tampa police officer asked the teenager if he was capable of making babies. When he said yes, they went into a bedroom and had sex. When it was over, she had sex with another boy.

The same night, say Hillsborough court records released Wednesday, the officer had sex with a third youngster at another location. Then she fell asleep and the boys went home.

The officer, Teresa A. Singleton, 32, was arrested in April and charged with one count of a lewd and lascivious act on a child under 16, three counts each of child abuse/contributing to the delinquency of a minor and delivery of a controlled substance to a child under 18.

Singleton, who was suspended without pay pending the outcome of the case, has pleaded innocent to the charges. Neither she nor her lawyer could be reached for comment Wednesday. A trial is set for July.

Interviews with a half-dozen teenagers, which were part of the court documents, show that they thought the place to go for drugs, sex and beer was Singleton's Northdale home.

According to the youngsters, Singleton, who joined the police force in January 1986, would supply them with marijuana.

On at least two occasions, court records say, she drove the boys to public housing complexes to buy small amounts of marijuana. The youngest boy was 14, and the oldest was 18, all were from her neighborhood.

A mother told investigators that Singleton would go by her house at night, walk up to the window of her boys' bedroom, then take them with her.

Sometimes, the boys said, she would drive around until she found them, or beep them on their pagers. Inevitably, the evening would turn into a party, and Singleton would have sex with the boys, court records said.

"She thought that she was getting old, so she was doing it so she would feel young," one of the boys told investigators.

"Every time she would get drunk, every time she and (her boyfriend) would get into a fight, she would get drunk and she would call us and we'd go over there."

One of the youths said that Singleton, who he said also smoked marijuana, told him not to tell anyone about the sex.

"The first time it happened," he said, "she regretted it. We all were drunk and she was like, "I can't believe I did that' and then not even a day later she called us back again and said, "Come over again.' "

The boys said there were no other adults when they got together with Singleton.