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Yogurt cheese is a low-fat alternative

Published Oct. 9, 2005

You don't necessarily have to give up such good things in life as cream cheese, mayonnaise and ice cream, says Marilyn Stone, co-author of two low-fat, low-calorie cookbooks. Switching to yogurt cheese, a soft, white cheese with only 10 calories a tablespoon, can mean shedding fat from your diet without feeling deprived.

Yogurt cheese is made by draining the excess liquid from yogurt, either through layers of cheesecloth or with a yogurt cheese funnel, which is available in kitchen specialty shops.

Using non-fat yogurt will give you a creamy cheese with virtually no fat. Almost any flavored yogurt can be used and it takes on the flavor of whatever it is mixed with.

It can be used as a spread or mixed with other ingredients to create salad dressings, sandwich fillings, dips, cheesecakes, pies and ice cream.