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Boy, 10, accused of more sexual abuse

A 10-year-old boy accused of raping two boys last week may have victimized two girls earlier this year, Brooksville police said Wednesday. News of an alleged rape Friday at Tanglewood Apartments in Brooksville led the parent of another child to come forward, said police Lt. Terry Chapman. In the course of checking out that complaint, investigators came across another alleged rape, Chapman said. The girls, ages 2 and 8, would bring to four the number of children whom the 10-year-old is accused of molesting. "A 10-year-old with this kind of behavior is not normal," Chapman said. "All steps will be taken to get him evaluated and see what the problem is. We've got a kid who needs help." The suspect is being held at a state juvenile detention center in Ocala. He has not yet been charged with crimes involving the girls. One girl is believed to have been victimized in January or February. Investigators are trying to figure out when the other incident took place. According to investigators, he raped two boys, ages 3 and 5, who lived near him and were left at home in the evening by their mother.

CUTTER TO MARK 50TH AT THE PIER. The Coast Guard cutter White Sumac will host a 50th-anniversary celebration July 9 at The Pier in St. Petersburg. The cutter was commissioned in the Navy in 1943 and was stationed in the New York City area and later in Earle, N.J. The White Sumac is seeking anyone with letters, documents, photos or anecdotes of the cutter's history. If you need information about the ceremony or if you want to attend, call Chief Warrant Officer Randy Maxson or Chief Petty Officer Bob Barr at 893-3657 or 893-3658, or write to Commanding Officer, USCGC White Sumac (WLM-54), 600 Eighth Ave. SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5030.


KITTEN BORN WITH MULTIPLE EYES DIES. Survivor, a deformed kitten reported about in some regional editions of the Times on Thursday, has died. The kitten had two sets of eyes, two noses and a crooked mouth and was being fed by Heather Hecke and Danielle Tucker after its mother refused to nurse it. Heather's mother, Teresa, said Survivor died sometime late Wednesday or Thursday. Local animal specialists said Survivor's condition was very rare.

"PLANTING PARTY' AFTER THE STORM. The destructive no-name storm took plenty of carpet and furniture with it when it blew through Citrus County in March, but it also took some things that the community won't miss _ pesky aquatic weeds. Before the hydrilla plant that clogs boat propellers returns, a group of local residents organized by Save Kings Bay is planning to plant and nurture some native plants in hopes they will take back some of their previous territory. This weekend the group is planning a "Planting Party" in a canal behind the Crystal River Post Office. Volunteers will help plant mats of eel grass, also known as vallisneria, in the canal. Planting is planned for Saturday. The eel grass competes with hydrilla and uses the nutrients in the water that otherwise would feed blooms of algae. The plant also is a favorite of manatees and is used as cover by fish. It does not grow tall enough to interfere with boat propellers.