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Driver shot to death on I-95

An Interstate 95 motorist died Wednesday when someone sprayed his car with bullets, hitting him in the neck and causing his car to crash, police said Thursday.

Investigators still don't know if 31-year-old Norman Wilder, who was driving a 1992 BMW, was picked at random.

The investigators said they think the shots came from another car, not a roadside sniper. The shooting was just yards from where another motorist was shot in the wrist Saturday.

The shootings were on an I-95 stretch that passes through an area known for drug activity, but police said they have not made any connections with drugs.

Sheriff Jim McMillan said he did not think the shootings are connected to other attacks on motorists on area interstates in the past year.

Those attacks prompted nationwide warnings to motorists and prompted National Guard patrols.

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