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Let crime be warning to all

Editor: Once again we in the business of financial planning are made to look bad as the result of Ms. Patricia A. Lewis being charged Tuesday with swindling six elderly clients out of $90,000.

This will hurt business for some for a few days. But maybe it will open the eyes of people who spend more time researching a security system for their car than they do before investing a good part, if not all, of their life's savings.

I've been a Florida licensed general agent for eight years, and my clients have come to trust me, not because I'm a nice guy (which I am), but because I've always strongly recommended that they check both me and the companies I represent carefully.

A simple toll-free call to the insurance commissioner's office and to the company you are interested in depositing your money into is a good start. With most retired people, I've recommended that, if possible, have a son or daughter or someone you trust involved. You're dealing with your financial future; lose it and the rest of your life will be affected.

As far as I'm concerned, those six elderly people were robbed.

Maybe the insurance and investment industry should circulate a flier to all licensed reps with details of the crime committed and the punishment each received. After all, we've all worked (well, most of us) hard for our money; don't make it easy for wrongdoers to steal.

Edward S. Kolkowski,

Port Richey

Say prayer; it's the law

Editor: Re: Student-led prayer at graduation.

I believe the students of Pasco County and Tampa Bay should all say a prayer at their graduation ceremonies. Superintendent Tom Weightman of Pasco County Schools says no to prayer at graduation. He is in direct violation of the law. We urge the students of Pasco County Schools and Tampa Bay to proclaim Jesus Christ as the way, the life and the truth.

The Supreme Court has allowed it. Why shouldn't they exercise the freedom of speech?

Fred Palensar,


A commissioner of the people

Editor: We have been living in Pasco County for almost 20 years. For the first time, we have a county commissioner who listens to the voice of the people!

She holds town meetings all over the county, not just in central Pasco, and encourages the people to voice their feelings, their wants and their dislikes.

What a wonderful change this is to the previous administration, which would not even allow anyone to say a word at a meeting unless he had signed up and was approved ahead of time!

Not everyone agrees with everything Bonnie Zimmer does. That would be an impossible task. But she actively solicits opinions and works very hard to not only vote, but to influence the commission in the way the majority of the people want.

Jack and Rief Laird,

Land O'Lakes

Take time out to talk to teachers

Editor: This is in response to the letter from Thelma J. HcHugh. This letter is not addressed to her personally but very well could be addressed to many parents in the Pasco County area.

I also have children in the Pasco County school system. This is where our similarities end.

My question is, where were you when your child got progress reports or report cards? There is a space on every one of these for conference requests. I always ask for one, even when my child is doing fine. I couldn't be happier with the enthusiasm with which every teacher has responded. These dedicated people take our children into their care for six or so hours a day, five days a week. This is probably more time than most parents have with their children on any given school day. There are telephone conferences available for those who cannot get time off work.

I think it is a shame that some parents can't at least do this for their kids. I work full time and am a single parent of three children, and I always make the time to address schoolwork daily. I also find the time for checking homework and the day- to-day work sent home. I know my children's strengths and weaknesses. These things should not be left up to a teacher to announce quarterly or yearly. Take the initiative and find out for yourself!

M. Heidi Higgins,


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